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I won't be watching the Open

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I know nobody cares, but I'm sure a lot of people won't be watching it either. I'll, however, will be hoping that Davenport or Capriati win it...
The Belgians are great, but a bore, except for the belgian viewers. With Venus and Serena out, it won't be the same, that's an understatement... u know why... because they have made so many grand slam finals in the past 2 years, and so, watching anything below the best in a grand slam final(knowing that a Williams would be in one of them if they played) is not excactly 'fun'.
The winner will for surely face questions 'if the Williams sisters would have been here....'
I know it's not the other players' fault,... but the ratings I think will blow!...
Good luck to Davey and Cappy in the Us Open, also Mauresmo...
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lol its a bit ironical if you spend time posting on here, but wont make the time to atleast see the semis or final.
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