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I was reading this weeks's WTA by Bob larsson and he mentioned their should be another At least Tier 2 in Asia this time of the year. It got me thinking, I know I have written before about an ideal calender for the WTA. Some changes would be pretty big an unrealistic.
However, I think the end of year could look like this without too much hassle.
Using the dates from this year
8th September
Shanghai (Tier2)
$50K Colombus
$50K Fano

15 September
Tokyo (Tier 1)-Pan Pac-either indoor or hard-
Bratislava (Tier5)
$75K Batumi
$75K Alberquerque

22 September
Leipzig (Tier 2)
Taskent (Tier 5)
$75 Borduex
$50 K Sedona

29 September
Japan Open (Tier 3)
$75 K Denian
$50 K Troy

6 October
Filderstadt (Tier 2)
Bali (Tier 3)
$50K Potiers
$50K Paducah, USA

13 October
Zurich (Tier 1)
Pattaya (Tier 5)
$50K Latina

20 October
Linz (Tier 2)
Quebec City (Tier 3)
$50K Modena

27 October
Philly (Tier 2)
Luxembourg (Tier 3)
$50K Biella

I see this calender as a good win for a lot of reason's
Tokyo Pan Pac's has struggled for a while as a Tier 1. Japan has the facilities to make the eevnt hardcourt at that time of the year or to leave it indoors at the right time of the year.Another option would be too see the Japan Open could be eaten up or combined with the Pan Pac and be presented at this time of the year.

It would also mean their is a long solid Asian season-no weeks off like this year between Shanghai and Japan.

Doing this could also allow the middle east circut Hyberdad, Doha and Dubai moved forward, meaning the week after the Oz Open would be just a smaller tournie, meaning higher ranked players could have a week off after a long OZ campaign.
It also means you could have a week in between Doha and indian Wells, maybe just have Acapulco and Memphis, Tier 3's.

I am not sure about weather but Hyerdad could also maybe moved to this Asian swing-this is hyperthtical so i won't go nito potential dates or further re-arangements.

By freeing up a week earlier in the year you could push everything a week earlier-so all events move a week further up till Miami- oul could then re introduce Sarasota- a smaller Tier 4 maybe with a Casablanca or small Euro event- so that you don't have 4 huge events (inidan Wells, miami, Charleston & A.Island) in the USA in a row. (again- maybe I am getting tooexcited as this would take a bit of work)

You could also move a Fed Cup into Feb/March- freeing up weeks further down the track.

Another option could be - due to Pan Pac being removed- another Indoor Euro tournie could join Paris and Antwerp- maybe Linz (this tournie was once played in Feb) meaning teh Euro end of season events a week earlier menaing the players would have an extra week off at the end of the year
Splitting Phily and Quebec and Linz/Lux would be a win for all.
Quebec could get some top US players head home from Europ and play a Tier 3 and then top Euro players may stay a week longer and play Lux. It would be v good for Tier 3's. It also sees tournies similatr to each other woudl no longer be cmopeting against each other.

Also, i have added challegers- this calender would also streamline this series as well.

One thing I hate seeing on the calender and I know I have mentioned this before- but I hate pattaya sitting out on the end of the season- it shoudl definetley be incorperated into the Asian series.

I really think the WTA could streamline it's calender so much better- meaning a better travel schedule for players and ultimately better players and more events and ultimatley better crowds and thus more $$ for the tour if they made changes.

Again, getting too excited here but I still think they could make a total overhall-for eg-it seems very silly to have 2 Euro indoor tournies in Feb-they should come after the US Open and join the other indoor events-maybe putting Shanghai and asian tour in Feb March-you could also move Philly to start of year- before IW and Miami- but again- this would be alot of work.

Anyways, sorry about the typo's/spelling mistakes- busy at work and shouldbn't be doing this anyway. Hope this tread causes some interest and I really wish the WTA would take these suggestions into consideration.

I think these small changes I have suggested would be a big improvement in the short term!
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