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As some of you know, I'm from Argentina. And the court where the AT&T Cup final was played is a few blocks away from my home.
It was the second time I went to see a pro match to a tennis court, and this match was a nerve breakout. Luckily I found some friends working in the tournament that got me excellent seats!!:D

The final was like the Australian Open women's final. Calleri (Arg) was leading 6-2, 5-1 to Massu (Chi). In the 5-2 game Calleri has two match points, which he could not achieve and then they went to a tie-break that was won by Massu 7-5.
The third set was SO intense, even though it finished 6-2, there were lots of chances for Calleri. All though Calleri lost:sad:
I still had a great time!

I don't know if some of you really care about this, but I just wanted to share an experience.

What was your first tourney that you went to see?
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