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I think the WTA beat the ATP yesterday

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Safin defeates Sampras in four sets- the first two sets were not competetive at all, and the last two were a serve fest.

Rios def. Lapenti- bad match all together

Haas def. Federer- ok, so this was a good match

Ferreira def. Costa- didn't see it

Note that the ATP only has two top ten seeds left and that they are both in the top section of the draw. This will make next week the worst second week of the men's AO ever.

Capriati def. Grande- best tennis match I've seen since S. Williams/Davenport and Hingis/Majoli at the US Open.

Mauresmo def. Wiengartner- didn't see it, but it could have been a good match.

Clijsters def. Husarova- blow-out

Henin def. Dementieva- blow-out

Note that the WTA can only have a stellar second week because seven of the world's top eight made it to the quarters!
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Croat123, I agree with your prediction that next week's matches are going to be terrific and full of suspense right to the last rally..with all the top seeds still in it...we will be treated to some great sets...Come on gals, show those men where the "real" action is!!:bounce:
I agree. The next week of the Australian Open on the Women's side is going to be action packed! All of the quarterfinals will be hotly contested, except maybe Hingis's. They all have big names and will be very exciting.

As for the men's side, you get to see Jiri Novak take on Stefan Koubek! YAY! :rolleyes: Sure the depth may be great in men's tennis, but sometimes its frustrating. When you want to see a match-up against top players really bad, and one of them gets upset, it just gets me mad and annoyed. At least with women's tennis, you can expect to have Henin-Clijsters Quarterfinal, and you expectations will be fulfilled!
I barely know any of the men in the quartre finals, I think that may be because I violently dislike the mens game.

The womens side looks great, apart from Martinas game, the matches should be AMAZING!! or at the very least interesting.
Myself ,also love wta.WTA also finish first in my book.:D :) :cool:
I totally disagree.

With the exception of the route Rios gave to Lapentti, the mens matches were all some what interesting yesterday.

And the only way you wouldn't have heard of the players left in the quarter finals, would be if you never ever follow mens tennis - which is fine.

But as a big fan of mens tennis, I assure you that the players left will make the last week very interesting.

Just because we aren't seeing the usual suspects, and top seeds can actually get upset on the mens side, doesn't make it less interesting.

On the contrary, it gives the mens tournament more character.

However, now that there are no more americans, its certain the networks will stop paying attention.
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No wonder, Becca.. All those WTA-only fans, the way WTA works, they don't see anyone ranked below #20 on TV almost at all. They never reach stages when there is a TV time. They think that ATP works the same way. How would they know who Rios is, or who Bjorkman is, or Johansson is? That's just a bunch of nobodies..Similarly, I fail to understand why Hingis and Serra Zanetti should even bother to play.. The result is predefined and to play just to make sure that something like earthquake or meteorites won't happen during those exciting 40 minutes that that match is going to last?

Anyways, these two threads are very good indicator of who likes the game, and who likes something else, or someone else..:0
I can say that not everyone enjoys five set cliffhangers, I mean when people watch a tennis match there are people who just like to see the stars, and there are people who like to see the techniques player doing, some people like to see the rallies, some people like the pace.
I like men's tennis, but that doesn't deteriotes my interest in women tennis as well. In the end, tennis is tennis, if you don't like watching one sided women match, don't watch it, noone is forcing anyone to watch, it is your own choice
I am sooooo over this ridiculous WTA vs ATP crap. Great tennis is great tennis and there were several great matches yesterday. Even if the marquee men don't necessarily always meet in the later rounds you are still getting to see them play against each other. We have had Sampras vs Agassi in the quarters of US Open. Already Rusedski and Philippoussi and then Rusedski vs Henman were big names very early on. And now Haas vs Federer and Sampras vs Safin. Those kinds of matches are great regardless if they come in the finals or the third or fourth round. I love it that they come early in a tournament because you have so many days with great matches.

I do follow the women more closely year round but during the slams I just enjoy great tennis. This battle of the sexes is overblown and I just wish the male commentators and players and SOME Wta Fans and Atp Fans would just give it a rest. It is not like they are two completely different sports.

LASTLY, I really gotta get this one off my chest. People who say that men's tennis is all serve are SIMPLY NOT WATCHING THESE MATCHES. If you saw any of these matches I have mentioned or Lleyton Hewitt or Grosjean then there is no way you could say. If anything Lindsay, Venus and Serena's game is much more all serve and first strike tennis than the men's game. Which is why I find Davenport and the Williams usually dull with the exception of US Open quarters between Serena and Lindsay.
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the mauresmo-weingärtner match was a great match in 2nd and 3rd set
I absolutely agree with Becca. In fact, I think that day's ATP matches were the most interesting of the tournament so far.

poor Wayne... He won a tough five setter over Costa, hitting more than 100 winners, playing from day till night and yet nobody knows.... :rolleyes:

If one is only interested in watching a few selected or elite players play in the ATP or WTA, ignoring other players, that is very sad....
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