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Today - post Fed Cup match between Germany and Indonesia, I returned to Senayan Tennis Complex in Jakarta and I stopped by at the stadium which was empty...No more spectators, no more players just empty space... :sad: It was a bad lost for Indonesia yesterday but Angie & Wynne have fought really hard! Germany had to earn it hard, too! :fiery:

There I was watching local senior tournament called "Jakarta Governor" Cup and the tournament director is Yayuk Basuki - former Indonesian tennis star. Today it was still qualifying rounds and I watched together with Mr Rico Widjaja - father of Angelique Widjaja...During the match, I talked with him about Angie...He said that if Wynne could pull the win against Anca Barna on the 1st would have been a different story...He said that Angie was very tensed since she was under the pressure to get a point against experienced Barbara Rittner...She was simply outclassed by Babsi...Yesterday, papa Rico said that he was surprised to see the way her beloved daughter played against Barna...Angie said that she was very confident when she played Barna after she watched the video from Saturday's match of Barna against Wynne...She was smart in applying all the strategies on the court to overpower Barna...Angie also shared that earlier this year in Canberra, she was practicing with Barna and at that time Barna asked to play match in this practice and Barna lost...Barna was really mad at Angie since Angie defeated her in this match practice... :lol:

Papa Rico also said that Angie was planning to go on traning camp in the midst of her North American tour which will begin on July 24th...Since Angie has been accepted to all Q rounds in San Diego, LA, Toronto and New Haven then this training camp is postponed. Angie's family realizes that Angie is still erratic and she is still up and down until now...therefore, they are opening the opt to have Angie to sharpen her overall skills through training camp...There has been several offers from different camps like in Australia and there has been talks with a major camp which I cannot disclose it here and if she does, she would have the opportunity to practice with top 10 players! :eek: :cool:

Angie's older bro/# 3 is getting married on the 2nd week of this year USO...Today, Angie and her mom were busy going to tailors to prepare some new gowns for the big day...Barbara Rittner yesterday have asked Angie to play double together in the future tourneys and Barbara wanted to return to Bali since she had honeymoon there with her hubby 3 years ago...

It was really great talking with Angie's dad...He is such a great man! :wavey:
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