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1 That Serena is going to be at 50 consecutive weeks next week. And 2 the big thing out of all this.

Looking at Venus and Serena and everything they have accomplished they have done this with a very limited schedule. Has anyone else done this at all? I mean yeah they hardly play, but the fact that they play so much and enough that they are in record books and starting to pass them tells me that they have more than who knows what % chance of passing up the all time records. Looking at Serena she has just about every grandslam title you can own. I believe Martina Nav has the golden slam, and to think she just got it this year. Just think Serena could've gotten it this year as well had she known about it. I believe she is two mixed doubles titles and a gold medal in sigles at the olympics away from her Golden Slam. So Funnie. And think also, had the crowd not beat Serena at the French. Had she gotten the career Grand Slam, she would for real have to be then classified as the best. Cuz she would have won basically everything except for those mixed titles and the gold medal.

Damn she has accomplished much more than I had ever realized. And she is doing it with a limited schedule. Think about it, Serena is only 21 years old. If she is planning on quitting in 5 years. She has gotten so good, that in 1 year she got 4 slams. At the rate she is going by the time she is 23 or 24 she could have around 15 slams. I know its talking big stuff. But look at what she is accomoplishing. Her only troubles are the Red Dirt, and Martina Nav never really owned that ground.

They have accomplised a hell a lot. And I say they still have about 10 years left in them, but they would and shoud only play around 5 more years.
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