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according to the editted calculation.......
if Nastya takes Justine out in QF, that wont happen,
but it's highly unlikely, no offense:)
but here is how it goes
1. Ai has to beat out Francesca

2. either
a. Ai takes Jen out if not then
b. Ai loses to Jen
b1) Nastya does not enter Bali
b2) Martinez does not reach Bali final where she'll
be seeded around 3rd barring withdrawals

and then it'll be done i believe:)

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Don't want to get too ahead of ourselves here; but
it would be really great if it happened. It would make
alot of people happy.

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I would like to see her in the top 10 but it would mean, Nastia, Elena or Chanda would have to drop out, which I aint to hot on.
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