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I was browsing in a local store where every item in that store is only $1.00 + tax. While back in the tools area, I looked up and saw a package with Mary Jo Fernandez on it, which read "NEW! Sport Lavit Dry Grip For a safer sports grip". It was clear that it wasn't new, Mary Jo was sporting some clothes from the early to mid-90s on the cover of this package. But since it was tennis related and I do have a problem with sweaty palms while playing I bought a few tubes. I can't say it's that bad, so far it works fairly well.
If any Mary Jo fans are interested in it, I know where there has to be like 50 packages of it for a $1.00 each. :lol:

The tube looks just like this, except it isn't written in German. I guess Sport Lavit is a German company. Oh well, a small pic about 2" big is on the cover of the overall package of Mary Jo. Other tennis sites online are selling this stuff for $10! :eek:
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