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I'm still trying to figure out how the writer came up w/this title.

I fear Anna, not anorexia

TENNIS waif Daniela Hantuchova insists she is far more worried about Anna Kournikova than anorexia.

The Bambi-legged starlet from Slovakia appears to be winning her battle against an alarming drop in weight.

And her English coach is confident the gorgeous world No9 will be fighting fit for Wimbledon next month.

Hantuchova, 20, caused a stir a couple of months ago, when it was revealed she tipped the scales at a measly 8st 11lb - even though she stands 5ft 11in tall.

And last week, at the Italian Open in Rome, worried journalists repeatedly asked her if she suffered from an eating disorder.

The diet problem, it seems, is that she has been eating TOO HEALTHILY.

Now a nutritionist has been recruited to help her pile on the pounds and add brawn to beauty in her quest to become No1 in the female game.

Certainly, many pundits rate her among the favourites to lift the £535,000 women's singles crown and wow male fans at the All England Club when this year's event begins on June 23.

By contrast, her main rival in the beauty stakes - 21-year-old Russian Anna Kournikova - is suffering an embarrassing and continued fall from grace.

Yesterday, the former Wimbledon semi-finalist, now ranked world No78, announced she has entered the low-key DFS Classic at Birmingham in the run-up to the blue riband event. In tennis terms, the scales have tipped decisively in favour of the new babe on the block - despite that weight hiccup.

Hantuchova's coach Nigel Sears admitted: "Daniela lost weight alarmingly quickly but it is being addressed.

"She is responding and will be back to her fighting weight for Wimbledon.

"By eating too healthily, she wasn't putting back the calories she burned off in practice, training and matches.

"Daniela is not playing her best - but she has come far.

"Now we just need to keep knocking on the door until it opens."

He added: "She definitely has a good game for Wimbledon - she has exciting potential on grass and a great work ethic."

Without doubt, Hantuchova's grace and natural ability have proved a match for the powerhouse players who have been steamrollering modern-day women's tennis for the past few seasons.

She has reached the quarter-finals of the last three Grand Slam tournaments and has provided a refreshing wind of change through the game.

However, her preparations for next week's French Open were rocked by a surprise defeat in Rome by Spain's Conchita Martinez.

Afterwards, Hantuchova admitted she needs to regain the punch that has earned her so much respect on court.

She added: "Physically, I have to get stronger and - technically - I have to be smarter. But, with the Williams sisters around, it's so tough because they have raised the level."

Hantuchova has quit her native Slovakia and now lives in Monte Carlo. She explained: "Sometimes, I could only practise for two hours a week in winter as it's hard to get an indoor court in Bratislava."

FIGHTING FIT ... Hantuchova

Ironically, the move may be a major factor in her weight loss. Hantuchova hates fried food and reckons her mum's home cooking beats anything on the menus at the swish restaurants of Monaco.

Family plays a big part in her life. She added: "My grandmother, Helena, was my first coach when I was six. She was a national player, who knew the parents of Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova and Hana Mandlikova - but, in those days, it was not easy for her to leave the country."

The good news for her army of male admirers is that Hantuchova is LONELY.

The starlet who, like Kournikova, has done plenty of modelling shoots, said: "It's tough on tour because tennis is an individual sport and, although I try to be nice to everyone, it is not easy to have friends.

"The most important thing is to have good people around you. I'm thankful for my parents, brother, coach and my agents. I think I'm the happiest player on the tour."


DANIELA ... grace

Age 20. Lives Monte Carlo.
Height 5ft 11¼in. Weight 123 lbs. Legs 44in.
Career prize money: £921,017.
2002 prize money: £726,754.
Endorsements: £6m a year from Babolat (racket)
and Nike (clothes).
WTA singles titles 1.
Highest ranking 5.


ANNA ... fall from grace

Age 21. Lives Miami, USA.
Height 5ft 8¼in. Weight 123 lbs. Legs 39in.
Career prize money: £2,151,168.
2002 prize money: £315,361.
Endorsements: £12.2m a year from Yonex,
adidas, Berlei, John Turner & Co calendars.
WTA singles titles 0.
Highest ranking 8.


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Because it's The Sun? Just trying to stir up this so-called 'rivalry' between them. The article is just a re-hash of previous comments from Nigel, there's nothing new in there. The Sun is famous for s**t stirring :D

In the actual paper the headline is: "Anorexia? I'm more worried about Anna Kournikova"

as if it was a direct quote from Daniela. I hope this Andrew Dillon get's into a bit of trouble from her management :) Daniela is pretty well connected to the Brit tennis 'establishment' ;)

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The headline fully is:

"Anorexia? I'm more worried about Anna Kournikova" says DANIELA HANTUCHOVA

It's a bit naughty :( What nonense are they going to make up during Wimbledon?

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:rolleyes: not THIS again! lol

im tired about this 'weight issue'...

but i do love the rivarly between Daniela and Anna... KICK HER ASS DANIELA! :devil:
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