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Today i wen to play a battle of the sexes with my firends and the boys won 5-0 YEAH!

ok in my first match i played this girl who has a 5-7 winning head to head against me and she beat me the last time we played so i was nervous!
I started well going 4-0 up and i was playing well but she wasn't!Then i started making errors and she came back to 4-2 before i won 6-3 i was very happy cos i played quite bad but still won!In my second match i played this girl who i have now beaten 6 times in row but today she played well and her killer forehand was working everytime she hit it it was a winner!:eek:It went with serve untill 4-5 where she had 2 match points but i saved them both with big serves!In the next game i broke to love by attacking her backhand and hitting a few winner!I won 7-5 in the end and epic battle my friend beat them 6-1 and 6-0 so we were 4-0 up in the doubles which we won 6-1 6-0 so a good day for me!:d:bounce:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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