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Many thanks from Ria Bartok (somewhere up above), winner of Game 23 with the song "C'est l'amour" ("This is love").

Game 1 : Jackie DeShannon -

My favourite song ever if I have to pick one, but that is only because I have decided so if i'm ever asked the question. Pure fancy, actually. Some other big favourites of mine are Dionne Warwick's "Walk on by", the Ronettes 's "Be my baby" and John Lennon's "Imagine", to mention songs already picked in this game (so far). Many others too, that I don't mention cause I may pick them for this game sooner or later. Why do I like this song so much? It has something to do with the voice, the sound, the style, the mood... that sound is something that makes me happy, magically happy. And believe it or not, I like to be happy, how strange is that? :lol:

Game 2 : Jolie Holland -

Here it's the voice and the melody that enchants me. I can't get sick of it, it's like drinking something sweet, intoxicating. The way she makes "whoooooo" without words is irresistible. And there's a Dylanian thing in that song. It reminds me of his romanticism circa 1966, the Blonde On Blonde mood. This is coherent since it's a tribute to the Beat spirit (about Joan Vollmer, killed accidentally by her husband William Burroughs in Mexico City in 1951).

Game 3 : Dusty Springfield -

Another one of those tuneful songs that make me happy. The sixties decade has hundred of them. And Dusty is probably the best white soul-pop singer.

Game 4 : Nina Simone -

I always cry when I play this song. Especially the moment of the piano solo, which is unique.

Game 5 : Blondie -

I ADORE that band. When I play again this songs list of mine, it's an obvious highlight. So real, so joyful, so lively. One of my favorite rock bands without any doubt. SO seventies as well (well, end of seventies, more accurately, pure moment in time, they called that power-pop or bubblegum-punk or whatever), and Debbie Harry is Inspiration/Charisma personified. A natural, gifted performer. Well, she was (question of youth, also).

Game 6 : Nick Drake -

Hard to be more quiet, secret and wonderful than Nick Drake, an English guy who was so shy he wanted to disappear from the Earth. His music and his soul still breathes around those green English trees. I'm pretty sure it came from there (and from his mother, Molly Drake, that you can listen on YouTube as well).

Game 7 : Rosanne Cash -

Well, one of those perfect songs. I probably should have chosen the studio version.

Game 8 (the 80's) : Lucinda Williams -

The intimate tenderness of Lucinda, one of my favourite singer songwriters without any doubt. One of those artists I loved intensely some time in my life (there are a dozen).

Game 9 : The Shangri-Las -
(1965) - Shadow Morton

My favourite girl group if I have to pick one. There was no one else like them. I could have chosen five other songs at least that I like as much as this one.

Game 10 : Allo Darlin' -

One of my favourite bands from the last decade, at least with their first album. Their inspiration deeply rooted in what we call twee-pop, a marvellous musical movement of the late 70's, mid-80's and early 90's, from both sides of the Atlantic.

Game 11 (movie songs) :
(1969) - Les choses de la vie - Philippe Sarde

Romy Schneider was unique. As an actress, and singer - she wasn't a professional singer, still her unique charisma inhabits this song from start to finish.

Game 12 : Dani -
(1969) - EPs and singles - Alain Goraguer

One of those incredible gems recorded in the sixties. Any singer could only dream of such arrangements! Did you hear that? Those flutes? That piano? That harp? That dreamy trumpet bringing you on its stream? And how about that genuine voice? And those lyrics? To find out those sixties songs makes you feel like a pearl diver or something.

Game 13 (mother's music) : Astor Piazzolla -

Tango is probably my mother's favorite music. I remember she listening to this music fondly some of those nights. She likes the blues of it. She loves the blues in general. I like it a lot also. Astor makes that bandoneon weep and die til the end of the night like nobody. Sublime.

Game 14 (duets) : Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris -
(1974) - The story of a song

Can hardly think of a better vocal duet. Gram and Emmylou? Wow, take your headphones and fall in love.

Game 15 (songs from albums books were written about) : Television -
(1977) - A masterpiece: Marquee Moon

Orgasmic guitar interplay, exuberant vocals, drums, bass, well, that band was incredibly creative, inspired, a total reference when it comes to play rock music if you ask me. Marquee Moon is a masterpiece of an album, indispensible to any collection.

Game 16: Crystal Stilts -

One of those great current rock bands. Of course you can hear a lot of references in their inspiration (Joy Division, Velvet Underground, Byrds, Doors, Pink Floyd...). Their sound is exciting. They have it.

Game 17 (covers) : The Sex Pistols -

There was a time when rock had to come to a very end. It peaks here. Johnny Rotten would leave the band right after this concert, the very last of the Sex Pistols (well, before they reformed decades later, don't ask). The fact they cover the Stooges with a dimension of their own enlightens about what this very English, nihilist and chaotic band was about. Rotten was as real as it gets. Great, great performer. Could have been a huge actor if you ask me.

Game 18 : Catherine Ribeiro -
(1965) - EPs and singles discography

Fascinating singer and artist, one of France's very best merging from the sixties. And sadly one of the least known as well. Find out for her catalog, and you should be as amazed as myself (if you have ears and heart). And what a singer!

Game 19 (the 90's) : Cub -

Rock was alive in the 90's! Allow me to favour this to Nirvana. No need to do so much noise to find pure excitement, you know. Give me a great little tune anyday. This is like early Beach Boys going do-it-yourself bubblegum punk, or like the Breeders without the hype. Unassuming and real.

Game 20 (songs or artists with capital B) : John Lennon -
(1973) - origin

The way Lennon covers that song gives an idea of how he loves it, and probably of how many people from his generation loved it. He focused on the beat and made it very sexy. His vocals are priceless here. One moment he says "this is too much... I don't know..." - he may talk of his own performance live (thinking it's only a take that won't be kept as it is - that was for his Rock'n'roll album in 1975), but that's only an assumption. If it's the case, then "I don't know" means he doesn't know where his performance is going, and apparently he took the decision to not keep it for the album after. That was a mistake! What we hear here, is a man showing his love for a song with total disinhibition, and taking risks. That was the best take of the album! Listened to again today, it remains one of Lennon's best performances ever (in the studio anyway). And nothing better than a cover of a song when you actually accentuate what you love about it. That's called going to the heart of the subject. That's called LIFE.

Game 21 : The Vaselines -

Speaking of disinhibition... that one is cool! Simply catchy, the best part of it being that guitar solo in the middle that could have last 2 minutes or more, and even end with it. But the Vaselines are an English band keeping it distant, elegant, and fun. Another attitude.

Game 22 (inspiring music) : Elli & Jacno -
(1979) - EPs and singles discography - Elli Medeiros

What is inspiring is what remains fresh. Elli & Jacno were making fresh music. There's no bit of bad taste with them. Jacno - RIP - got through life with unmistakable elegance, and intelligence - and Elli was a perfect singer for his music - of which she sometime wrote the lyrics. And boy, was she lovely. :hearts: (and sharing my birthday, to boot - January 18).

Game 23 (native language) : Ria Bartok -
(1964) - EPs and singles discography - "C'est l'amour" is a cover of LaVern Baker's "
" (1963)

Here's my winner (it was tie, though). Very glad for Ria Bartók, real name being Marie-Louise Pleiss, of German origin (born in Einbeck, January 28, 1943). She was among those singers of the French ye-ye movement in the sixties. Those singers made many US hits covers, and Ria Bartók was quite a tasty picker. She was adorable if you ask me, and a fine singer. But the yé-yé movement didn't last, and only a few stars merged from that movement (but many records are re-discovered through YouTube, the sixties are a goldmine!). This woman tragically died in a fire in March 1970. I can understand why "C'est l'amour" won the 23rd contest of this game: it's catchy, joyful, lovely, short enough, we call that a hit. Was it a hit in 1964? I don't think so. It's not remembered as one of her best songs, but if anything this game proves it aged well. On a side note, I find the LaVern Baker original every bit as fine if not better.

Game 24 (sadly deceased) : Amy Winehouse -

Great document saying almost everything about Amy. Great singer, without a doubt, and great song.

Game 25 : Jorge Ben & Gal Costa -
(Gal Costa w/Caetano Veloso, 1969)

Gal Costa is my favourite Brasilian singer (so far at least, as I don't know them all). I do love Brasilian beat and music, and this live document shows what's so instinctive and physical and affective about it. Jorge Ben is the guy who wrote and composed that gem, "Que pena", and it was famous recorded by Gal on her first 1969 album (in duet with Caetano Veloso). It makes me dance, it makes me happy. Joy.

Game 26 (songs from your birth year) : Fairport Convention -
(1969) Singer: Sandy Denny

My birth year is 1969. The video here shows a band able to build a new world. In those times each band was making Noah's ark. There was a movement in England with lots of musicians looking back also, to the roots of their folk music. Fairport Convention was one of those bands. Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson, Iain Matthews, Sandy Denny were all part of that band for sometime. They were also influenced by the US West Coast movement, bands like the Jefferson Airplane, and singer songwriters like Joni Mitchell or Bob Dylan (himself influenced by some English folks like Martyn Carthy). I love the world of English folk, which has a color of its own. Fairport Convention pretty much invented the English folk-rock. I own their first four albums and my favourite is the third, Unhalfbricking, but I like them all. The fourth (and third of 1969) is also a masterpiece, it's called Liege and Lief, and features that song, "Farewell, farewell", sung by Sandy Denny. It's a traditional English folk song re-arranged by Richard Thompson. Fairport Convention's albums show how much the band worked well as a whole, a delightful and subtle quality of collaboration. That sweet little song got through gracefully, and is one of Sandy Denny's best vocal performances, showing how soulful she can sing, with experience and delicacy.

Game 27 (girl groups) : The Tammys -
(1963) - Lou Christie - Twyla Herbert

One of those UFO. What Lou Christie and the Tammys, basically his background singers, were doing belongs to the heart of the sixties, an end-of-party flavor that never dies. With "Egyptian Shumba", the party has yet to reach its end indeed. It's exciting and crazy, unreal and fun. They came to record just that, and it became a classic. They probably weren't aware of it. The Tammys only released a few singles, that you can find on CD with other Lou Christie songs on an RPM (music label of sixties specialties based in England) anthology. It's also on the Rhino 4 CDs boxset One Kiss can Lead to Another ~ Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found (in its original mix like everything from that boxset, featuring several dozens of sixties gems, one for the desert island as they say).

Game 28 (2014) : Future Islands -

For 2014 I had to play a pile of 2014 releases I had purchased so far. Submitted the best song I found, and it's a damn good one. It's all in the tune and the beat behind the singer creating an emotional mood. Great band. All the songs from the album are good.

Game 29 (the 60's) : Sylvie Vartan -
(1966) - EPs and singles discography - The music of Gérard Bourgeois (composed for)

I'm fascinated by Sylvie Vartan. But she only was, in the sixties, one of those trees (with Françoise Hardy, France Gall and Sheila) hiding a forest of yé-yé girls. Chris (Shvedbarilescu) and me are sharing a passion for those. Check that list: Gillian Hills, les Gam's, Ria Bartók, Nathalie Degand, Evy, Anne Kern, Marie Laforêt (another tree actually), Charlotte Leslie, Marianne Mille, Stella, Marie-Blanche Vergne, Alice Dona, Eileen, Chantal Goya (sixties), Jocelyne, Valérie Lagrange, Christine Lebail, Catherine Ribeiro, Michèle Torr, Estella Blain, Liz Brady, Claire Dixon, Elsa (Nicole Darde), Anna Karina, Katty Line, Les Petites Souris, les Roche Martin (featuring Véronique Sanson), Annie Philippe, Ariane, Cléo, Dani, Chantal Kelly, Christie Laume, Christine Pilzer, Pussy Cat, Violaine, Zouzou, Clothilde, Jacqueline Taieb, Victoire Scott, the list goes on and on.... YouTube is a goldmine to find them. And how about Brigitte Bardot? As for "Ballade pour un sourire", it's one of Sylvie's best songs. Her recording output between 1961 and 1971 is excellent, and especially tasty between 1965 and 1967 if you ask me.

Game 30 (eurovision singers) : Sandie Shaw -

You can hardly be more English than Sandie Shaw, right? This fine singer recorded some gems, "Girl don't come" among them. I still have a boxset to go further into.

Game 31 (country music) : Skeeter Davis -
(live 1961)

She's my favourite country artist (at least from the classic golden era), though (or due to the fact?) she tended to verge on pop. Produced by Chet Atkins. Her voice is charming and moving. Especially known for the big classic "The end of the world", her "essential collections" shows she recorded many other tuneful stuff, happy or sad.

Game 32 (close encounters) : Lucienne Boyer -
(1930) -
(she was 75 years old, and the song had the same magic!)

Game 33 (personal theme) : Neko Case -

The Canadian Amp EP may be not Neko Case's masterpiece, but it's my special favorite. It's recorded very simply, and the choice of songs is tasty, mostly covers. "Dreaming man" is among my favourite songs from this EP, but hard to choose between "In California" (written by Lisa Marr, leader of Cub), "Favorite" (Neko's very first song penned by herself), "Alone and forsaken", "Andy", etc... as for the theme, well, it reflects what I am essentially. Neko is my generation, I follow what she does since I found out about her around 2000. I share a lot of her opinions and sensibility. She's of those singers I love not only technically, but for her taste and vision in arts. To my ears she's a great singer not because her voice is perfect, but because she's free of doing what she wants with it, and I connect to it.

Game 34 (song that makes me dance like crazy) : The Gun Club -

You can't go wrong with this band's first album, Fire of Love.

Game 35 (should have been singles) : Throwing Muses -

That fascinating track opened the first Throwing Muses album and should have been released as single to promote this album. They chose other tracks whereas this is easily the best one, and one of the best in their whole career (they would make more catchy stuff later - such as the delightful "Not too soon" signed Tanya Donelly, the pop side of the band - Kristin Hersh being the razor one, and behind the "Call me" approach). On a side note, "Call me" also appeared on a cassette release only one year before the first album, that is available on CD. The original mix of that cassette was different, and even better (but is not on YT right now - though it was for a while).

Game 36 (songs from Asia) : Aleksandr Borodine -
(1869) About Polovtsian Dances -

I was 14 years old when I first heard the Polovtsian dances, thanks to a music teacher in school. I was immediately enchanted by the melody of the first dance, called "The gliding dance of the maidens". It was the instrumental version. The following dances are lively enough as well. Later I found the choral version, and that dancing one on YT, and was enchanted again. That "dance of the maidens" melody remains one of the most beautiful - and romantic - melodies I've ever heard. It's one for a lifetime. It was composed by Borodine, who happened to have been also a great defender of the womens cause in his own time. I think the slavic is my favorite romanticism, and there's something with Russian music that always deeply touched me. It's magic.

Game 37 (in the mood for lust) : April Stevens -

For this game I tried to find what sounds sexy without the help of images. April Stevens's delivery wasn't late to come to my mind. To be in the mood for lust, I need to be charmed in the first place. I wish they would still do it with that kind of simple but subtle and fresh craft. Apart from that, a very emotional and sensual music can give sex a noble dimension of beauty. It reveals and underlines the epic of desire. "Les parfums, les couleurs et les sons se répondent" (Charles Baudelaire).

Game 38 (reality TV songs) : Patty Griffin -
(live 2008)

One of the most confusing threads of this game, as players were allowed to pick original songs instead of Reality shows covers, thus offering a quite uneven mix (how could you favour a candidate's cover to anything by Ella Fitzgerald?). Knowing nothing about US reality music shows, I submitted an original. I'm a fan of Patty Griffin and God, does she deliver in a soulful way - I wish the candidates of Reality TV shows could learn from such a performance: a pure breath of soul without any "look how I can scream in tune" circus. FEELING FIRST. Stay true and listen to your own heart: real stars shine alone in the dark. As a listener, I can tell you my heart is caught from start to finish during that Patty griffin performance, not a second is wasted. Yes, me too, I want to lie down in the peaceful valley, heart filled with desperate hope, eyes lost in the starry vault and skin soothed by a soft, fresh breeze.

Game 39 (songs under 2:40) : Marianne Faithfull -

One of those magical songs. Graceful tune signed Jagger-Richards (underrated as composers, despite being legendary in their own right). They knew how to keep it simple. As for Marianne, she really had a special voice and a kind of quiet charisma. She was just radiant, as well as tasty and intelligent.

Game 40 (dramatic live performances) : Jacques Brel -

I grew up with Jacques Brel (and Georges Brassens and Léo Ferré). My parents had many discs of them and we were playing them often in the house. So I have no idea of what it is to "discover" Jacques brel, but I guess it must be something, since he's obviously an original. "ces gens-là" always was one of my big favourites from him, along with "Amsterdam" (also submitted in this game, coincidentally) and another song I may submit also one of those days.

Game 41 : Joan Baez -

My parents had a beautiful record called Bachianas Brasileiras. Amazing voice. Later, much later, I decided to go further in Joan Baez's influencial body of work, and found it was filled with gems, including this cover, which happens to be one of my favourite Bob Dylan songs.

Game 42 (let's hear it for the boys) : Scott Walker -

Let's hear it for the boys? All right: I looked for a man whose voice could have the grace, the elegance of some women's ones. Scott Walker is among them. Certainly on that beautiful song, he has the kind of male voice I find nearly graceful and haunting. Of course it could only be a song sharing fascination for... a woman. :eek:h:

Game 43 (un-nominated artists and songs) : Millie Jackson -

In the 70's, soul music really got interesting with new kinds of topics (if anything, the weakness of the genre belongs to the endless topics about love and relationship), a sense of fun going with the groove. That didn't keep that groove and sound from being soulful, entertaining, thrilling. In that respect, Caught Up is one of my favourite soul albums. Kinda like Gainsbourg in France playing with any kinds of topics without neglecting the quality of the music, Millie Jackson and her team weren't afraid of being provocative (and fun), using sublime arrangements in the making, even making of her talking a music itself. Cause her "talking" here is absolutely artful, sensual, rhythmic, playing with crescendi, expert breaks and all. Guitars, piano, strings, you have everything on that song called "The rap", centerpiece of the original LP, which is conceptual and musical at once. Yes, a masterpiece. I wish they would do more albums that way. The 70's were the decade of such albums. In the 70s, albums were trips. You listen to "The rap", and you're like entering a movie. Or a private affair, in this case. Very original angle, here, if you ask me.
In that song alone, "The rap", you have darkness and sunshine. The day and the night. You get through and into lights and sounds. Millie has a great voice.

Game 44 (autumn songs) : Ron Sexsmith -

I don't especially think of that song as an autumn song, but thought it could fit. My first concern in this game is to submit songs I LOVE (thus songs I'm willing to share). If some categories ever bug that concern of mine, I may skip them eventually, but will keep listening others submissions and can still put them in my keepers threads below. My comment about "Seem to recall". (which I could sum up with "Ron Sexsmith makes the most beautiful music ever").

Game 45 (your love life in a song) : Solomon Burke -
(1961) About the song

Game 46 (color songs) : Anne Briggs -

The most surprising thing with the old traditional English folk is the stuff recorded "a cappella". A lot of old songs are sung that way, of celtic origin, or from the British Isles. It's certainly not the most easy listening stuff, and it has links with the old time music of the Appalaches sometime, as well as with medieval stuff and old French street-songs. Anne Briggs was found in a village of England during a tour of folk singers, she just joined the group cause she had a lovely voice. And she recorded very young as well, almost like a kind of prodigy. That's how free the folk world was, and that's why Bob Dylan had started as a folk singer, despite being a fan of rock'n'roll: because you had more freedom, didn't compromise with any kind of market. You made the music you wanted to make, and people were coming to you - or not. Those were the early sixties. Anne Briggs remained totally uncompromising, and stopped recording soon cause she hated her own voice. Can you believe it?

Game 47 (sinister) : The Cramps -

Game 48 (vocal jazz) : The Boswell Sisters -

Game 49 (positive message) : Doris Day -
- from the movie Romance on the High Seas (1948)

The movie excerpt I submitted, the "happy ending" of Romance on the High Seas (1948), a movie I have never watched from start to finish, has an infectious positiveness inhabited by Doris Day who, by her acting and singing, communicates many emotional elements that compose the essence of Happiness: genuineness, simplicity, sincerity, humbleness, vulnerability, steadiness, youth, sensibility, heart. All that gets to me through this excerpt alone. Doris voice gets right to my heart and moves me with a mix of emotion and happiness. Doris Day was just divorced by then, and she had her shares of misfortunes in her life so far (she wanted to be a dancer but had an accident and turned out to be a singer instead). When Doris starts singing "you siiiiiigh, the song begins, you speak and I hear violins"... my heart takes off and is already up there in emotional sunshine. There's a kind of unpredictable and uncontrollable magic in happiness, that's what the song says, and it comes from episodes of life. It's also a feminine thing I think. Many female singers sing about that. French singer songwriter Barbara sang a lot about that.

Game 50 : Sugar Pie DeSanto -

To be continued in post #16

I felt suddenly quite wildly happy.
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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Game 3 : Dusty Springfield - I only want to be with you


I almost entered this for the 60's competition, didn't know it had been entered already.

Too bad I wasn't there for game 3, this would've gotten loads of points from me :)

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Game 3 : Dusty Springfield - I only want to be with you


I almost entered this for the 60's competition, didn't know it had been entered already.

Too bad I wasn't there for game 3, this would've gotten loads of points from me :)
It was my first song entering the final, ended 8th, and was my best score for a while. ;)

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Songs discovered or re-discovered and enjoyed through this game


Jean-Philippe Rameau - Rondeau des Indes Galantes (1736)
Sergei Rachmaninoff (Russia) - Prelude in C-sharp minor (Op. 3, No. 2) (1892)
Isaac Albéniz - El Albaicin (1905-1909) From Iberia - About Rafael Orozco
Maurice Ravel - Pavane pour une infante défunte (1910)
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys - Moanin' (1967)
Mulatu Astatke - Yegele Tezeta (1969)

In english


La Hell Gang - Inside my fall (2014)


Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Strange things happening everyday (1944)
Billie Holiday - Crazy, he calls me (Decca single, B-side of "You're my thrill", released November 1949)
Patti Page - The Tennessee waltz (1950)
Gogi Grant - The wayward wind (1956)
Mickey & Sylvia - No good lover (1956) More about Mickey Baker and Sylvia Robinson
Ken Nordine - Down the drain (1958)
Lightnin' Hopkins - Mojo hand (probably in the 60's)
Jan & Dean - Heart and soul (1961)
Gene McDaniels - Another tear falls (1962)
Sue Thompson - Have a good time (1962)
Frank Sinatra (w/Bing Crosby, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians) - The little drummer boy (1964) from the album 12 Songs of Christmas - Full album on YT
Lee Hazlewood - My autumn's done come (1966)
Nancy Sinatra - Bang bang (1966) - another live version - LP version - The Cher original (1966)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't no mountain high enough (1967)
Honey Ltd - Silk n'honey (1968)
Original Broadway Cast of Promises, promises - Turkey, lurkey time (1969) - Donna McKechnie - About "Turkey lurkey time"
Susan Christie - Rainy day (1970)
The Carpenters - Rainy days and mondays (1971)
John Denver - Take me home, country roads (1971) about the song
New York Dolls - Subway train (1973)
Johnny Cash - City of New Orleans (1974)
Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way (1977) about the song
Fleetwood Mac - Storms (1979)
The Romantics - What I like about you (1979)
Suzi Quatro - She's in love with you (1979)
Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna (1981)
Suburban Lawns - Janitor (live, around 1981)
The Dead Milkmen - Surfin' cow (1984)
Algebra Suicide - Please respect our decadence (1986)
The Feelies - What goes on (1988)
Half Japanese - Penny in the fountain (1988)
Martika - Toy soldiers (1989)
Deee-Lite - Groove is in the heart (1990) - Live in Maracana, Brazil (1991)
Vaughan Brothers - White boots (1990)
Bikini Kill - Rebel girl (1993)
Luscious Jackson - Citysong (1994)
Milla - Gentleman who fell (1994)
Boss Hog - I dig you (1995)
Ulali - Mother (1995)
Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter (the Dakota version) (1996)
Los Super Seven - Plane wreck at Los Gatos (1998)
Garbage - You look so fine (1999)
Ivy - Edge of the ocean (2000)
Blonde Redhead - Misery is a butterfly (2004)
Regina Spektor - Us (2004)
The Walkmen - The rat (2004)
Blonde Redhead - Silently (2007)
Garbage - Tell me where it hurts (2007)
Barbara Walsh - The ladies who lunch (live 2007) from the Broadway revival Company - Stephen Sondheim
Deerhunter - Agoraphobia (2008)
Crystal Stilts - Departure (2008)
Little Joy - Unattainable (2008) live version Singer: Binki Shapiro
Lhasa - Rising (2009) live version
Anya Marina - Satellite heart (2009) from The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack
Cults - You know what I mean (2011)
Chromatics - Kill for love (2012)
Chromatics - Candy (2012)
Sky Ferreira - Everything is embarrassing (2012)
Y La Bamba - Dialect of faith (2012)
Au Revoir Simone - Somebody who (2013)
Dot Wiggin Band - Banana bike (2013)
Quilt - Arctic shark (2013)
The Apache Relay - Katie Queen of Tennessee (2014)
Kelis - Biscuits 'n' gravy (2014)
The Laytcomers - Braindead (2014)
Dent May - I'll be stoned for Christmas (2014)
Mazzy Star - I'm less here (2014)
Pure X - Valley of tears (2014)
The War On Drugs - Red eyes (2014)
Nick Waterhouse - It No3 (2014)
OOFJ - I forgive you (2015)
Natalie Prass - My baby don't understand me (2015)


Ian & Sylvia - Four strong winds (1963)
Martha & the Muffins - Echo beach (1980) about the song
Peaches - Fuck the pain away (2000) - more about the song
Leonard Cohen - In my secret life (2001)
Nelly Furtado - All good things (2006)
Chinawoman - Party girl (2007)
Dirty Beaches - True blue (2010)
Austra - Spellwork (2011)
Grimes - Oblivion (2012) about the song
Shad - Fam jam (2013)
Mac DeMarco - Blue boy (2014)


Dean Blunt ft Inga Copeland - The narcissist (2012) (duet from London and Berlin)


Lisa Hannigan - Lille (2008)
Hozier - Take me to the Church (2013)


Petula Clark - Downtown (1964)
Dave Berry - This strange effect (1965)
Mary Hopkin - Goodbye (1969)
Matching Mole - O Caroline (1972)
Kate Bush - Wuthering heights (1978)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Spellbound (1981)
Soft Cell - Torch (1982)
The The - Uncertain smile (1982)
Yazoo - Midnight (1982) - Alison Moyet - Vince Clark
Shop Assistants - Safety net (1986)
Heavenly - Space Manatee (1996)
Broadcast - Papercuts (2000)
Sugababes - Overload (2000)
...And the Native Hipsters - Mr Magic (2001)
M.I.A. (British-Tamil) - Galang (2003)
Katie Melua (Georgian origin) - Nine million bicycles (2005) live version
Sugababes - Push the button (2005)
Goldfrapp - Ride a white horse (2006)
M.I.A. - Mango pickle down river (2007)
Noisettes - Saturday night (live 2009)
Gruff Rhys - Shark ridden waters (2010)
CocknBullKid - Hold on to your misery (2011)
Michael Kiwanuka - Tell me a tale (2011)
Daughter - Smother (2012)
Paloma Faith - Picking up the pieces (2012)
Jon Hopkins - Open eye signal (2013)
Lapsley - Station (2013)
London Grammar - Wasting my young years (2013) - singer: Hannah Reid
The Pastels - Check my heart (2013)
Polly Scattergood - Cocoon (2013)
George Ezra - Budapest (2014)
Paloma Faith - Only love can hurt like this (2014)
Jessie Ware - Want your feeling (live at the Barbican) (2014) studio version on the album Tough Love (2014)
Jane Weaver - Don't take my soul (2014)
Above & Beyond - We're all we need (2015)
The Go! Team - Did you know? (2015)


Fatima Yamaha - What's a girl to do (2004)


Air - Cherry blossom girl (2004)
Nouvelle Vague - In a manner of speaking (2004) Singer: Camille
Cats on Trees - Sirens call (2013) live version
Lilly Wood & the Prick - Prayer in C (Robin Schutz remix) (2014)


Hinds - Bamboo (2014)


Marzia Gaggioli - Touch my heart (2011)


Parov Stelar - Booty swing (2012)


Can - Vitamin C (1972) about the song
BOY (Swiss-German) - Little numbers (2011)
Acid Pauli - (La Voz) tan tierna (2012) (some spanish and french in this song, but album featuring it is in English)


The Raveonettes - Love in a trashcan (2005)


Nursery Rhymes - We're gonna hate ourselves in the morning (1967)
ABBA - Fernando (1976)
The Cardigans - 03.45: no sleep (live) - studio album version (2003)
The Cardigans - I need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer (2005)
Avicii - Addicted to you (2013) - singer: Audra Mae


Jaakko Eino Kalevi - No end (2013) - female singer: Suad Khalifa.


Iiris - Tigerhead (2013)


Miharu Koshi - Scandal night (1983)
Takako Minekawa - Fantastic cat (1998)
The Suzan - Home (2010)


Owl Eyes - 1 + 1 (2010)
Courtney Barnett - Avant gardener (2013)
Iggy Azalea - Work (2013) about the song
The Preatures - Is this how you feel? (2013)
RY X (based in L.A.) - Sweat (2014)
The Veronicas - You ruin me (2014)
Courtney Barnett - Depreston (2015)

New Zealand

The Clean - Beatnik (1982)
Kimbra - Good intent (2011) live version

Other languages


Cafe Tacvba (Mexico) - Las flores (live 1995) from the album Re (1994)
Juana Molina (Argentina) - Eras (2013)


Yma Sumac (Peru) - Malambo #1 (1954)


Elis Regina (Brazil) - Aguas de Marco (live 1973) Story of the song
Madredeus (Portugal) - Alfama (1995) Singer: Teresa Salgueiro
Rodrigo Amarante - Nada em vao (2013) also a member of Little Joy


Françoise Dorléac (France) - Mario j'ai mal (1964, from a French TV show titled Ni figue, ni raisin)
Léonie (France) - En Alabama (1971) - discography
Vanessa Paradis (France) - Mi amor (2013)
Christine & the Queens - Saint Claude (2014)
Cléa Vincent - Château perdu (2014)


Caterina Valente - Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe (1954)


Maria Tanase (Romania) - Pana cand nu te iubeam (rec. 1955-1958)
Alexandrina Hristov (Moldova) - Orasul umbre (2012)


Katya Barulova/Choir of the Philip Koutev National School of Folk Arts - Kafal sviri


Fairuz (Lebanon) - Shady


Marta Kubisova - Tak dej se k nam a projdem svet (1969)


Brathanki (Poland) - Siebie dam po slubie (2009)
Mela Koteluk (Poland) - Melodia ulotna (2012)


Lau Nau - Painovoimaa, valoa (2008)
Chisu (Finland) - Sabotage (2011)


Vladimir Troshin - Moscow nights (1957)


Sonu Kakkar (India) - Yeh kasoor (2012)


陳綺貞 (Cheer Chen) - 讓我想一想 (Think twice) (1998)

Thai (dialect)

Chaweewan Dumnern (Thailand) - Lam Toey Chaweewan (1964-1975)


Wonder Girls - Nobody (2008) - Live lead vocals version - K-pop


Kyu Sakamoto - Ue o muite aruko (I look up as I walk) (1961) - Story of the song
Meiko Kaji - Shura no Hana (1973) - From the movie Lady Snowblood

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Songs and musics from this game I knew and enjoyed already

19th century

Claude Debussy - Clair de lune (composed in 1890, published in 1905 as a part of Suite bergamasque)

20th century

Bessie Smith - Nobody knows you when you're down and out (1929) about the song
Judy Garland - Over the rainbow (1939)
Edith Piaf - La vie en rose (1948 version) - the original (1946) - live 1954
Eartha Kitt - I want to be evil (1953)
Big Mama Thorton - Hound dog (1953)
Marilyn Monroe - River of no return (1954)
Elmore James - Blues before sunrise (1955)
Little Richard - Tutti frutti (1955)
Chuck Berry - Roll over Beethoven (1956)
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse
Edith Piaf - L'accordéoniste (live 1957)
Mose Allison - Parchman farm (1958) About the song
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (1958)
Eddie Cochran - Summertime blues (1958)
Connie Francis - Who's sorry now? (1958)
Peggy Lee - Fever (1958) Story of the song
Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly (1958) - video submitted in game 71
Nina Simone - My baby just cares for me (1958) About the song
Dion & the Belmonts - A teenager in love (1959)
Dinah Washington - What a diff'rence a day makes (1959)


The Shadows - Apache (1960)
The Shirelles - Will you love me tomorrow (1960) Story of the song
Patsy Cline - I fall to pieces (live 1961) - original studio version (1960)
Sarah Vaughan - Broken hearted melody (live 1960) - original studio version (1959) About the song
Audrey Hepburn - Moon river (1961) - opening scene - Henry Mancini
Ben E. King - Stand by me (1961) - Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Linda Scott - I've told every little star (1961)
Del Shannon - Runaway (1961)
Skeeter Davis - The end of the world (1962)
Jeanne Moreau - Le tourbillon (1962) from the movie Jules et Jim
Gene Pitney - Only love can break your heart (1962)
The Angels - My boyfriend's back (1963) - Richard Gottehrer
The Beach Boys - In my room (1963)
The Chiffons - One fine day (1963)
Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind (live 1963)
Julie London - Fly me to the moon (1963)
Darlene Love - Christmas (1963)
Martha & the Vandellas - Heatwave (1963)
The Ronettes - Be my baby (1963) - Ronnie Spector - Phil Spector - Ellie Greenwich - Ellie Greenwich's version
The Trashmen - Surfin' bird (1963)
Barbara - Nantes (1964)
Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger (1964) about the song
Lesley Gore - It's my party (live 1964) - original single (1963) Story of the song
Sam Cooke - A change is gonna come (1964)
Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz - The girl from Ipanema (live 1964) - the album version - Story of the song - Album: Getz/Gilberto
Lesley Gore - You don't own me (live 1964)
Martha & the Vandellas - Dancing in the street (1964)
Otis Redding - That's how strong my love is (1964)
Wendy Rene - After laughter (1964)
Simon & Garfunkel - The sounds of silence (1964) The overdubbed version (1965) About the song
The Supremes - Where did our love go (1964) - Holland-Dozier-Holland
Them - Gloria (1964)
Dionne Warwick - Walk on by (1964) - LP version - Burt Bacharach
Barbara - Dis, quand reviendras-tu? (live 1965) - EPS and singles discography
The Righteous Brothers - Unchained melody (1965) - The story of a song - This song has been covered by many, many singers. If the Righteous Brothers's is the ultimate version, how about this one?
The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (1965)
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (1965)
The Spencer Davis Group - Keep on running (1965)
The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice (1966)
The Beach Boys - God only knows (1966)
The Beach Boys - Good vibrations (1966)
Mina - Se telefonando (1966)
Christine Pilzer - Dracula (1966) - Christine Pilzer's EPs
The Electric Prunes - I had too much to dream last night (1966)
Sérgio Mendes - Mas que nada (1966)
Nancy Sinatra - These boots are made for walkin' (1966) - better looking and sounding video (right tempo, a bit slower)
Percy Sledge - When a man loves a woman (1966)
Stella - Si vous connaissez quelque chose de pire qu'un vampire (1966) - EPs and singles discography
Ike & Tina Turner - River deep ~ mountain high (1966) - Ike Turner - Tina Turner
The Velvet Underground & Nico - All tomorrow's parties (1966)
The Velvet Underground & Nico - I'll be your mirror (1966)
Tim Buckley - Pleasant street (1967)
Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe (1967) - better sounding studio version - live at the BBC (1968)
Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love (1967) an earlier version by The Great Society (1965)
Jefferson Airplane - White rabbit (1967)
The Kinks - Waterloo sunset (1967)
Love - You set the scene (1967)
Lulu - To sir with love (1967)
Van Morrison - Brown eyed girl (1967)
Procol Harum - A whiter shade of pale (1967)
Sonny & Cher - The beat goes on (1967)
The Zombies - Care of Cell 44 (1967) - From the album Odessey & Oracle (1968) - lead vocals: Colin Blunstone
Big Brother & the Holding Company - Piece of my heart (1968)
Blue Cheer - Summertime blues (1968)
Joe Cocker - With a little help from my friends (1968)
Cream - Sunshine of your love (live)
Françoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu? (1968)
Van Morrison - Astral weeks (1968)
The Soft Machine - Why are we sleeping? (1968)
Steppenwolf - Born to be wild (1968)
Sylvie Vartan - La Maritza (1968) other video
Marie-Blanche Vergne - La rose (1968)
Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - Je t'aime... moi non plus (1969) - Gainsbourg's EPS and singles discography
Shocking Blue - Venus (1969)
The Stooges - I wanna be your dog (1969)


Syd Barrett - Late night (1970) from The madcap laughs
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Almost cut my hair (1970)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio (1970) about the song
MC5 - Kick out the jams (live 1970)
Melanie - Lay down (candles in the rain) (1970)
Joni Mitchell - River (live 1970)
Nico - Afraid (1970)
The Velvet Underground - Rock and roll (1970)
Neil Young - Only love can break your heart (1970)
David Bowie - Life on Mars (1971)
Isaac Hayes - Theme from 'Shaft' (1971)
Janis Joplin - Move over (1971)
John Lennon - Imagine (1971)
John Lennon - Jealous guy (1971)
Joni Mitchell - A case of you (1971)
Dolly Parton - Coat of many colors (1971) - live 1979
The Who - Behind blue eyes (1971)
David Bowie - Starman (1972)
David Bowie - Lady Stardust (1972)
David Bowie - Suffragette City (1972)
Deep Purple - Highway star (1972)
Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side (1972)
Lou Reed - Satellite of love (1972)
Françoise Hardy - Message personnel (1973) - EPS and singles discography
Stevie Wonder - Living for the city (live 1974) about the song
The Band w/The Staple Singers - The weight (live 1976) About the song - About The Last Waltz
Blondie - In the flesh (1976)
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner (1976))
ABBA - Take a chance on me (1977)
Mink DeVille - Spanish stroll (1977)
Plastic Bertrand - ça plane pour moi (1977) about the song
Television - Venus (1977)
Wire - Mannequin (1977)
The B-52's - Rock lobster (1978)
Big Star - Holocaust (1978) from the album Third
Buzzcocks - Ever fallen in love (1978) about the song
Blondie - Heart of glass (1979) live version - about the song
The Cure - Boys don't cry (1979)
The Knack - My Sharona (1979) about the song
Pretenders - Brass in Pocket (1979)
The Roches - Hammond song (1979)
The Slits - I heard it through the grapevine (1979)
Suicide - Dream baby dream (1979)


The B-52's - Private Idaho (1980)
The B-52's - Give me back my man (1980)
The Feelies - The boy with the perpetual nervousness (1980)
Joy Division - Love will tear us apart (1980)
The Korgis - Everybody's got to learn sometime (1980)
LiliPUT - Die matrosen (1980)
Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark - Enola gay (1980)
Diana Ross - Upside down (1980)
Donna Summer - Hot stuff (live 1980) - other live version (1979) - original studio version was first released as single in 1978.
Laurie Anderson - O Superman (1981)
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis eyes (1981))
Kim Wilde - Cambodia (1981)
Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me (1982)
Yazoo - Don't go (1982)
Irene Cara - Flashdance... What a feeling (1983)
The Cramps - Surfin dead (1983?)
Dolly Mixture - How come you're such a hit with the boys, Jane (1983)
Eurythmics - Sweet dreams (1983)
Nena - 99 luftbaloons (1983)
Mike Oldfield ft Maggie Reilly - Moonlight shadow (1983)
Bonnie Tyler - Total eclipse of the heart (1983)
Cyndi Lauper - Girls just want to have fun (Top of the Pop 1984, our game manager's moment of glory, 0:55 on the video link) (original single release: 1983)
Laura Branigan - Self control (1984)
Bronski Beat - Smalltown boy (1984)
Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia baila (1984)
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Happy when it rains (1987)
Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry, be happy (1988)
The Pixies - Where is my mind? (1988) - live version
[URL=""]The Primitives[/URL] - Crash (1988)
Cyndi Lauper - I drove all night (1989)


Aretha Franklin - Respect (live 1990) - original version (1967)
Happy Mondays - Kinky Afro (1990)
Mazzy Star - Blue flower (1990)
Sonic Youth - Kool thing (1990) about the song
My Bloody Valentine - Only shallow (1991)
Throwing Muses - Not too soon (1991)
Beat Happening - Teenage caveman (1992)
Mazzy Star - Fade into you (1993)
The Jayhawks - Blue (1995)
Julie Doiron - Tell you again (1997)
Moby - Why does my heart feel so bad? (1999)

21st century

Alizée - Moi, Lolita (2000) Top of the Pops
Camera Obscura - Eighties fan (2001)
Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (2004)
Sibylle Baier - Forget about (enr. 1970-1973, rel. 2006)
Sibylle Baier - Tonight (enr. 1970-1973, rel. 2006)
Neko Case - Hold on, hold on (2006)
Laura Marling - Goodbye England (2009)
St. Vincent - The strangers (2009) - live version
Allo Darlin' - If loneliness was art (2010)
Keren Ann - My name is trouble (2010)
Janelle Monae - Tightrope (2010)
Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom eyes (2011)
Beach House - Wishes (2012)
Tame Impala - Elephant (2012)
Future Islands - Light House (2014)

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Really tough to choose my top 3 from Hughes but here it is:

1) The thoughts of Mary Jane (Nick Drake)
2) Flying into the sun (Crystal stilts)
3) Love hurts (Gram Parsons & EmmyLou Harris). This last is probably the biggest grower :yeah:

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Really tough to choose my top 3 from Hughes but here it is:

1) The thoughts of Mary Jane (Nick Drake)
2) Flying into the sun (Crystal stilts)
3) Love hurts (Gram Parsons & EmmyLou Harris). This last is probably the biggest grower :yeah:
Glad to see someone enjoying Nick Drake that much. His first album (Five Leaves Left) is pure magic to my ears, and "The thoughts of Mary Jane" one of these secret wonders you're always happy to find out, and need to share with the world. :wavey:

If you haven't listened to Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left already, don't hesitate. It's filled with enchantment.

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Wow, Hugues, j'adore tes classifications. Quel effort! :worship:

Seriously, this is so cool! Hyperlinks to everything :bowdown:

*je m'abonne* :)

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History


Nice to see some my songs are on these lists :yeah:

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

My mix tape :)

Side 1: Sirens Call

1. Cats on Trees - Sirens call (2013)
2. Katie Melua (Georgian origin) - Nine million bicycles (2005)
3. Kimbra - Good intent (2011)
4. Little Joy - Unattainable (2008) Singer: Binki Shapiro
5. CocknBullKid - Hold on to your misery (2011)
6. Lhasa - Rising (2009)
7. Lilly Wood & the Prick - Prayer in C (Robin Schutz remix) (2014)
8. Nouvelle Vague - In a manner of speaking (2004) Singer: Camille
9. Sugababes - Overload (2000)
10. Marzia Gaggioli - Touch my heart (2011)
11. Peaches - Fuck the pain away (2000) - more about the song
12. Mazzy Star - I'm less here (2014)

Side 2: Storms

13. The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner (1976)
14. Milla - Gentleman who fell (1994)
15. Lee Hazlewood - My autumn's done come (1966)
16. Nancy Sinatra - These boots are made for walkin' (1966)
17. Meiko Kaji - Shura no Hana (1973) - From the movie Lady Snowblood
18. Fleetwood Mac - Storms (1979)
19. Ike & Tina Turner - River deep ~ mountain high (1966)
20. Honey Ltd - Silk n'honey (1968)
21. The Righteous Brothers - Unchained melody (1965) - The story of a song
22. Soft Cell - Torch (1982)
23. Françoise Dorléac (France) - Mario j'ai mal (1964)
24. Claude Debussy - Clair de lune (composed in 1890, published in 1905 as a part of Suite bergamasque)

Special thanks to the following players

Tracks 1 & 7 submitted by ^bibi^ (games 21 & 28); track 2 by Fantasy Hero (game 7); track 3 by traddles (game 6); track 4 by Leif (game 39); track 5 by salmon pants. (game 33); track 6 by Mike. (game 24); tracks 8, 12, 13 & 23 by Shvedbarilescu (games 17, 28, 22 & 10); track 9 by Maddox (game 5); track 10 by JustPetko (game 34); tracks 11 & 20 by Silent Bird (games 37 & 27); track 14 by MikBs (game 4); tracks 15 & 17 by Beat (games 24 & 36); tracks 16, 19 & 22 by AdeyC (games 29, 26 & 6); tracks 18 & 21 by zvonarevarulz (games 15 & 29); track 24 by dogwonder24 (game 32).

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

The thread has magically re-appeared, so you could copy and paste this in there as well, or when it's more organised :)

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Tim you gave me the need to listen to Spanish classical stuff again. :cheer: (----> add castanets). I have fond memories of stuff like Joachin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez that my stepfather used to play a lot. So I made some research. The must to have (if I believe critics, melomanes and connoisseurs) for Albeniz's Iberia is the first Alicia De Larrocha version, recorded in 1962. It's included in this CD along with another famous Spanish piece, Granados's Goyescas. Alicia De Larrocha is the greatest Spanish pianist of the XXth century (they say).

I may look for Manuel de Falla stuff as well.

Hasta luego muchacho! :cheer::music::hatoff:

(he olvidado mi espanol, madre de mia)


(Vamos a Sofia! Alizé Cornetta! Ayyeeeeee!)

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

I hope you like the recording. I've listened to it a bit on YouTube, and I have to say that her rendition is not for me - but that could just be because I'm used to a different version. The CD I've got at home from Guillermo González, but there wasn't a studio version of it on YouTube which is why I nominated Orozco. I'm thinking about getting the latter's recording because it sounds quite beautiful:

I'm glad if you've returned to some Spanish music - the Concierto de Aranjuez is another one of my favourites - I almost nominated the second movement for the Autumn competition but thought it was slightly too long :)

EDIT: You can also see Silver Persian badly playing one of the pieces from the Iberia Suite here. (To be fair, the low quality of the experience of watching this is only about 70% my fault: it was recorded by a dodgy device, and my old piano just didn't do soft - only loud or louder):

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

I see you're a serious piano player. The Albéniz piece doesn't sound like the easiest to play!

I haven't listened to Alicia De Larrocha's performance yet. She recorded it three times. Her first recording is from 1962, that's the one I chose.

Recently I found the famous "Asturias" was as good with an orchestra as it is on guitar alone. That means the composition is genius in itself. My opinion anyway. That chorus is just furiously haunting, full of allure and energy.

EDIT: about Joachin Rodrigo, my favourite piece is called "Fantasia para un gentilhombre". I'm not sure it's part of the Concierto de Aranjuez, but it's an old favorite of mine, that melody moved me as a teen.

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Game 51 (music dealmaker) : The Velvet Underground -
(1985) from the album VU

Game 52 (fantasy v reality) : Townes Van Zandt -

Game 53 (Christmas songs special) : Eartha Kitt -

Game 54 (isle of misfits) : Duane Eddy -
(1959) about the music theme

Game 55 (the 70's) : Véronique Sanson -
(1972) - about the song - about the album

Game 56 (WTF) : Karen Dalton -

Game 57 (best kept secret) : Jenifer Jackson -

Game 58 (instrumentals) : Vladimir Horowitz -

Went for Chopin since he remains my favorite instrumental artist ever. And Etude Op. 10 No3 one of the best melodies of all time. Obviously a subjective opinion. :)

A few words about my choice: the track chosen offers the two sides of Chopin (to the contrary of "Berceuse", which takes too much time to digest since we need to get into a moody mood), the melancholy and the audacity, and actually the middle part, that Horowitz plays perfectly, is essential to the composition, to save it from being too mellow and moody. Horowitz plays it too fast, the composition is supposed to be more slow, and to last 4 minutes and a few seconds, Horowitz plays it in 3 minutes and a half. It's the melody (a famous one) that he plays too fast, and to me, it doesn't need to be played too slow, it is strong enough, and is not necessarily a melancholy affair. There's energy in this song, and I would say that Horowitz way of playing *rocks* (if you like the piano, that is). I've never liked the piano as much as when I listen to Chopin. This composer is a poet to me and, like Defying Gravity, I find everything in his work, or almost everything. So he was important enough to me for, for once, not picking something absolutely original or "fresh sounding". I went for the "timeless" sounding.

Can't remember how I heard Chopin for the first time. It must be long time ago. And he moved me deeply. Weird how we have the feeling to hear Chopin when we're not: know what I mean? He's not playing. Usually the interpreter is everything. But Chopin lives in his music. Interpretation is very important, but still, his music has soul for whoever plays him decently. That's also why I picked a composition using Chopin's picture as YT video. That's Horowitz playing (one of his best interpreters), but we're listening to Chopin. Chopin speaks to us through the music he wrote. That's part of what makes it close to poetry also.

That melody - that Chopin himself mentionned as his own favorite - moved me as a child, probably. Don't remember. It's a melody that seems to recall times I have never known. It's timeless.

Game 59 (light vs darkness) : Dan Auerbach -
(live 2009)

Game 60 (new discoveries) : The Baroques -

Game 61 : Marie-Blanche Vergne -

Game 62 (favorite rediscoveries) : Marlene Dietrich -
(1962) about the song

When I lived in Northern France there was a Virgin Megastore not far way, I used to go there and listen to CDs on the store's phones. I once played a Marlene Dietrich comp, skipping from track to track. When I first heard "Qui peut dire où vont les fleurs?", the French version of "Where have all the flowers gone?", I was floored. The soft opening chords and Marlene's deep whisper went right into my heart. I knew the tune, don't know how, but that's it. The effect Marlene's song does to me has never changed since (that makes 15 years). I chose the german version for this game cause it's the best recording to my ears, and shows how beautiful German can sound. That song is a classic. It's emotionally huge and deep, with a life of its own. The way the chords open, travel and finish is the same as a heartbeat. A dark blue heartbeat, driven by the vocals of an aged, elegant woman waving on her souvenirs. Her voice has the veils of a widow. A widow of love. A widow of human love. She wears that. But time has gone and pain has softened over the years, in a whisper. And this whisper has no hope anymore. "Quand saurons-nous un jour? Quand saurons-nous un jour? Jamais." "When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn? Never." What's in bold is the ultimate whisper.
Game 63 (tough life and death) : Robin Holcomb -

Game 64 (living things) : The Raincoats -

Game 65 (BSG discoveries) : Léonie -
(1972 or 1973)

Game 66 (peninsule of misfits) : France Gall -

Game 67 (guilty pleasures) : Alizée -

Game 68 (geography) : Amy Allison -

Game 69 (collaborations) : Mireille et Jean Sablon -

Game 70 (the 40's and 50's) : The Teddy Bears -

Game 71 (I love rock'n'roll) : Sharon Tandy -

Game 72 (oh Scandinavia) : Those Dancing Days -
(live 2011)

Game 73 : Delphine -

Game 74 (quiet songs) : Françoise Hardy -

Game 75 (21st century) : The Like :

Game 76 (one word title) : The Pixies -
(live 1988)

Game 77 (indie music) : The Go-Go's -
(1981) about the song

Game 78 (electronica) : Niobe -

Game 79 (NME 1974-2014) : Van Morrison -

There are songs like these... staggering, moving, a big wind of soul. In league with "When a man loves a woman" or "Jealous guy". Influence of Ray Charles, always ackowledged by Van, is obvious here. But Van gives his own vocals, that pretty much sound like a sax. An inconsolable sax, windy, rainy, inexhaustible, that you need to blow all night long. Until it softens in a cradle of strings.

Game 80 (protest songs) : Nino Ferrer -

– This week the theme was protest songs – what was your chosen song protesting about?

Urbanisation, pollution, society losing a sense of simple, natural paradise (Mother Nature). It's all in the second part of the song, set in a very sharp, ironical way. That song is a masterpiece. Rarely has delusion/nostalgia been so beautifully set to music and words, with such simplicity and grace.

– Do you support the issue that your song was protesting about?

Absolutely. Ecology is something that lives with me since I was born. First thoughts I wrote as a child, were ecological. I even recall a work in French class, we had to elaborate something from the question "what would you do if you were president?", I was 11 years old, and suggested to get rid of cars and electricity, and come back to horses and candles! My French professor was furious (reading this part to everybody in the class), and my classmates booed me. Most of their parents were working in the nuclear power station of the city. :lol:
Game 81 (second chance) : Bobbie Gentry:
(BBC live 1968)

Ain't this woman perfect?

Game 82 (slow burners) : Amy Rigby:

Well, if asked to bring 100 CDs to a desert island, there would be an Amy Rigby one.

Game 83 (wedding or funeral music) : The Cake -

I took the book of Rhino's 4 CDs boxset One Kiss Can Lead to Another ~ Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found, devoting one page to each song (120 songs in all). Opened at random and found The Cake's "Baby that's me". Any song from that boxset would have fitted (the proof is here). It's my favorite music. For imaginary wedding or funeral or anything else, no matter.

Game 84 (it's time for Africa) :
from South Sudan - Mundari people

Game 85 : Serge Gainsbourg -

Can't get sick of these piano chords, they keep enchanting me for the way they're intricated and sound surnatural. That's the magic of music. And how about those strings, and those vocal harmonies? It's just somptuous. Usually, in a song, it's the chorus that makes it, and the verses can be just OK. Here, it's the chorus that is just OK to me (you know, that Dvorak rip off is just skillful, not brilliant, from Gainsbourg you could see this as the "market catch up" part), but the verses are absolutely bewitching. The verses are the essence of the song to me (and usually of most Gainsbourg songs, all things reckoned). That was Gainsbourg's process in pop music: to find the catch up, the chorus that could catch people's ears first, instantly, something cool and chic at best, but kinda cynical (Gainsbourg admitted he needed to make money to live as an artist), but the true artist behind the pop maker, couldn't help but reveal the rewarding side of his words and music in the verses. Those verses that need repeat listenings. Isn't that the best way to educate the masses after all?

Game 86 (the swinging 40's) : Lee Wiley -

Game 87 (folklore songs) : Fréhel -

Game 88 (let's take a walk) : Kate & Anna McGarrigle -

Game 89 (previously un-nominated artists) : Adriano Celentano -

The week I pick my first Italian artist, Roberta Vinci and Flavia Pennetta both reach the final of the US Open. Something in the air.

Game 90 (body party) : Iris DeMent -

Game 91 (questions) : The School -

Game 92 (what the... funk?) : Betty Davis -

Game 93 (love scorned) : Etta James -
(live at Montreux 1975)

Game 95 : Joni Mitchell -

I love Joni because she has recorded songs such as this one, graceful music that moves my heart deep. Whatever it says, it communicates a mysterious sadness, something really *blue*, that I will call *soul*. Whoever laughs at what I call *soul*: you're not worth a song that moves my heart, so how could I care? ;)

Game 96 (stranded - desert island song) : Anne Anderssen -

The success (artistically speaking) of that song released on a French EP in 1969 is due to a collaboration of diverse talents. You need a lyricist (Maurice Pon, who worked with Henri Salvador among others, author of "Le loup, la biche et le chevalier" - better known as "Une chanson douce"), a composer (Jacky Moulière, who wrote nice little tunes as a singer himself), an orchestrator and a director (Handy J. Harcuss, Mickey Karlson) and a singer (Anne Anderssen). If you love that song and want more, look for the EP featuring that song, and possibly for the stuff recorded by Jacky Moulière once he started to write his musics.

Game 97 (hard rock / metal) : L7 -

Game 98 (latin America) : Gilberto Gil -

Game 99 (big feast before game 100) : Tony Joe White -
(Austin City Limits, 1980) - About the song

Game 100 : Georges Brassens -

To be continued in post 51.

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

Love the collage! :yeah:

How are you liking the Ariana Grande album? (serious question)
Will tell you once I've listened to. :) It's of course of those CDs I don't expect to like much (since she's compared to Mariah Carey, and that I don't like Mariah Carey at all), but I decided to give it a chance all the same (Ariana being insanely lovely may be for something as well ;)).

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Re: Hugues Daniel's Song Game History

I realize that out of those 35 purchases, only 5 aren't led by female vocals: two are mixed duets (Adam Green and Binki Shapiro, Elis and Tom), two are male (Deerhunter and Lee Hazlewood), and one is instrumental (but pianist is a woman!). :eek:
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