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How to get match-tough after a long competetive layoff?

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Hi everyone,
well the title already states what I'm mostly interested in. When I was younger, I always played in a club, both juniors and adults interclubs. My last full season was in 2007, and since university life started in 2008 I've been on and off, mostly playing randomly at the university courts. Only last autumn I rejoined a club and have been practising there since. This week now, I was back to play my first competetive event since 2007, but I lost badly in both of my matches in the regional championchips. I was way too tight in my first match and was down 0-6 0-3 quickly before regrouping but eventually losing 0-6 3-6. Yesterday I played much better but still lost 1-6 1-6. In yesterday's match virtually every game went to deuce or at least 30-30 but I was pressing too much then.

What can I do besides contuing to practice and probably becoming fitter (which, given we are playing on clay, is definitely a goal in the upcoming weeks)? I noticed that I have always been switching between playing super aggressive or pushing, somewhat lacking a middle game in match situations...
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