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How does the height difference rank...

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in RG singles finals, and other Open Era Slams? :scratch: The WTA lists Masha @ 1.88M (6'2") and Sara @ 1.64M (5' 4.5").
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You know, I've tried to do a bit of math on this ('cause I'm the geeky type), and what I come up with is that a 6 inch height difference doesn't really translate to very much, angle-wise, over a distance of 60+ feet. A serve down the T, landing on the service line, (neglecting spin, gravity, curving and other non-Pythagorean elements, but considering average arm vs height length, racquet size and jump height), is gonna have an angle of 9.9° for a 5'4" player and 10.9° for a 6'2" player... really, that's not a lot. The same goes for a serve that just makes the net; there really isn't a huge (mathematical) difference.

That said, I don't doubt that height makes a difference, but it's not just simply about angles.
It would be true if Karlovic and Isner didn't exist. But they exist and can make such serves, which are impossible for all the rest, i mean about angles ..
thanks for the video. In tennis should be much more such analysis before matches
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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