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How does the height difference rank...

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in RG singles finals, and other Open Era Slams? :scratch: The WTA lists Masha @ 1.88M (6'2") and Sara @ 1.64M (5' 4.5").
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Are there any really good kick serves in WTA this side of Serena? I can't think of any.
Stosur does have a consistently effective kick serve.
Errani found a way to neutralize it today.
Overvalued. Her kickserve is eaten by good returners easily. It's nowhere in the same league with Serena's or even Petrova's.
you must be joking, right?:lol:
Have you watched any of Maria's clay matches for the past two years?
Is that that second serve with about 30% miss ratio that we are talking about? :lol:
This is an interesting topic, but worthy of its own thread (in general, not specific to this match) on who should perhaps use basically the same service for their first and second serve; as just "putting the ball in play" may be a worse bet than taking X% greater risk of a DF with an all-out service.

If Player A serves 60% on first and 90% on second, but Player B wins a much higher % of 2nd receiving points (on that surface, vs. that opponent) Player A might well be better off going all out on her 2nd serve all the time in the match; not just as the occasional "try to catch her by surprise".
This math does not apply that simple. First serve is much more relaxed, less-pressure serve. If you use the same serve for the second serve, it is likely that you'll get a significantly worse percentage of serves in due to entirely psychological reasons.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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