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How Do You Think Justine's Play Will Be Affected By All The Controversies?

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We all have come to find out how sensitive Justine is, do you guys think these allegations will affect her at all?
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per4ever said:
I'm afraid it will. Everyone has it's limit, may be this is too much ..
I was thinking the same thing.

Still, Justine has been quite amazing in the face of adversity.

Plus, the impression I'm getting is that most people are on her side on the matter (including the's a really good thing that she signed with Octagon, BTW) and that Lei Clijsters is just digging a huge gaping hole for himself.

And maybe that unfortunate reception by the media at the airport might motivate her to win another slam away from home so that she can get a proper greeting next time.

(Thinking of positives.)
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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