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How do u deal with sweaty hands/ sweat during a match?!

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I'm serious!

I'm in Hong Kong at the moment, I've lpst all the sets Ive played so far


hah.. i'm playing really badly, not used to heat and my hands keep losing grip!

I'm sweating like pissing when I play and I'd need to change probably every 2 minutes to feel [email protected]
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Savannah, Georgia in the summer is usually in the upper 90's with the humidity about the same, so I sweat terribly during matches. Here's what I do:

2 racquets- Which I change every time we switch sides. I leave the handle of the bat I'm not using sticking out of the bag, so the sun might dry it.

Overgrips- If necessary, change them on set breaks.

Rosin Bag- Use it on both your hands, and the stick's grip.

Towel- A separate towel just to wipe the handle of your bat on.

Wrist bands- Wear two on each arm. On your swinging arm it will catch all the sweat dripping down, and on the non-swinging arm it gives you something to wipe your swinging arm's hands on. Change them as needed.

Shirts- Change them often. The sides generally soak last, so there's another place you can wipe your hands.

Another towel- Carry it onto the court with you, and go to it to wipe your hands, arms, etc.

Hope that helps.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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