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I know the loss of loosing the final. believe u me its happened to me a couple of times in inter school finals. its been sickning and u grieve for hours like it did towards Martina. But now I tihnk all of us grievers have to get ove the shock and loss and turn oir faces towards the outcmoings of this tournament and look on the bright side. Is that what Marty would of wanted???

First topic is Marty appared to come out the best of everyone in the whole of the tournament. First of the Doubles. Anna and Hingis got the doubles championship. they each got 650 points and that I think boosted them up from 18 to about 6 or 7th. they got a pretty good paycheck just over 150 grand each. and it was an accomplishment they both made!!!!.

In the Singles Marty lost to Capriati again but no biggy she scored some nice points and I tihnk they get more since theyve put the up havnt they?? Shes got closer to that Number 3 ranking and looks like its gonna get better at this next tournament!!!.

She equaled the record for most successive finals. which is a great accomplishment and another record the sendon time only back to back people in a final!!!

The amount of money she got from the final and oduble equals more then Jennifer capriati endorsed. so martina came of richer then n e one.

She got 2 trophies!! more the capriati.

People said she said the nice'st speech n e one has made towards a winner.!!

She has mad an excellent start to the 2002 campaign, winning in Sydney, Doubles final in Sydney, Finals in AO. And doubles championship in AO.

She exceeded her expectations in the AO Open originally her expectation was QF!!

But the main one is that most people I have talked to they say she is the number one player now. She did have it in the bag, but couldnt finsih it off due towards the heat.

As u can see Martina looks ready and is back in the swing of things. I can see this year to be very victoriois for her!!

Thankyou God Bless Martina and God Bless everone else
Ures Faithfully
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