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Back home after an almost perfect start of the
year, Martina is cooling up herself after suffering
deshidratation in the Australian Open Championship
match against Capriati, where she lost after being one
point away of winning the championship for 4 times ...
Now, she hasn ´t
got that problem anymore. With some weeks off before
flying into Western U.S.A to play two tournaments (
Scottsdale and Indian Wells ), she decided to spend
some days at home and rest her body and mind. The
final against Capriati was the only match she lost in
the year. She ´s collected a 14-1 record this season,
sharing with Anna Smashnova of Israel the first place
with 2 titles in the year: Sydney and Tokyo last week

Enjoying the mountains and snow at home, she ´s
got big goals for this year, the swiss said :"I ´m
planning to win many important tournaments this year".
"I feel pretty confident going into the states, where
I ´ll probably play 4 tournaments, 3 in hardcourts and
1 in Green Clay, before going to Europe where I feel a
very good chance to win Roland Garros"- the SwissMiss
told a corresponsal in Swizerland later Monday

Great attitude Martina!:kiss:

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Hingis enjoyed the snow!

Hey Martina, The only snow Marti enjoyed was romping with abdominal snowman "Sergio Garcia" in Spain!! I gather from there she was flying to the States!! Where did you get your information from?...I remember after the AO she was dreaming of throwing herself in some snow in Switzerland....but don't think she got the chance......besides romping with Sergio sounds more exciting!!:rolleyes: :eek:

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She was only with Sergio at the end of the week. She probably did go home for a few days. Interesting she didn't mention any plans for an upcoming trip. :D Just kidding. There would be no way she'd mention that she was going to see Sergio. She also didn't mention if she was going to the states to see Chris either though!;) I'd imagine she would be heading to Florida soon. Wonder what state her relationship with Chris is in right now. I'd be shocked if they were still together.:rolleyes: Sergio and Martina would make an exciting couple. Both personalities are very interesting.
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