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Hi everyone, I am Sid, and u people may remember me as previous GM board LEGENDS such as sidney1984,sidney2004,williamssuck,blackbitch,ProudGeordie, Dede(the one with a sense of humour) and The Toon! These legends got banned for some strange reason. Just wanna say one thing

The moderators on this board are fucked up.

U get permanently banned if u r supposedly "racist".

Their definition of racist: If u prefer any other tennis players to the williams sisters.

Also, they encourage black people to insult white, chinese and asian people but people from the other races r not even allowed to mention the word "black", otherwise u get banned. How fucking stupid is that?

I’ll probably get banned again for this message but I shall take it as a complement.

Anyway, I’LL BE BACK!! Hope u guys don’t miss me too much.

PS, Williams sisters r ugly bitches, I dunno why some tasteless people like them so much. Mauresmo looks like a man and extremely ugly (like a typical froggy I guess)
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