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Get in there and vote for our Justine in that "best butt" poll! She only has one vote! It is a disgrace! :eek:
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I also think Justine has an amazing ass.
But.......I must confess, I voted for Elena Dementieva in the Best Ass Award!!!!! Elena's is miles better, you have to agree surely. As well Elena's backside has at the bottom (sorry bad pun) of it the most DELICIOUS pair of legs in the entire world....Ever!!!
And thats a well known fact!

It is you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A fact!
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Who cares if she wins the butt poll? :rolleyes:
I want her to win WTA-tournaments, not beauty polls :p
LOL, of course I don't care if Justine wins these silly polls. I just felt bad she had just ONE VOTE! My post about it was meant lightheartedly; it was not meant to be taken seriously. :D

Oops, sorry Janie, I think I took it seriously. Ha ha ha LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL! I do think she has a great butt!:drool:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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