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Figure Skating. Elena and Anton will have to fight off the great Canadian and Chinese competition tonight in order to win Russia's/Soviet Union's eleventh straight Olympic gold medal in the Pairs competition. Having won the last ten Olympic gold medals in the Pairs competition is just just about the most incredible dynasty in the history of sports. I hope it continues. Udachi Elena and Anton!

But if they don't win, then the Russian men seem ready to start a men's dynasty in figure skating. Russian/Soviet men have won the last 4 Winter Olympics. And either Plushenko or Yagudin are expected to win the men's competition.

Russia has already had a dynasty of sorts in the Ice Dance competitions at the Winter Olympics. I wonder if the women will ever catch up to the Pairs, Men and Ice Dance figure skaters..

It's amazing that the Russian figure skaters have done so well under such diffucult circumstances. Why is that?

I hope Russian tennis players can someday do half as well as the Russian figure skaters have done.
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