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Here's an interesting topic for debate:

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Because quite frankly, I haven't seen many on this board lately.

After the US Open, these are your probable rankings:

1. Kim Clijsters
2. Justine Henin
3. Serena Williams
4 and 5. Venus Williams and Lindsay Davenport. Could be either or.

Monica Seles and Jelena Dokic will be out of the top 20.

So who do you think goes where on the new Gold Exempt List?
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Oh, OK.
TeeRexx said:
Idiot! :lol: LOL
Sorry, dilsnick, unlike you I don't scour every thread on the board as filler for my life. I already have one.
TopShotta said:
You?...A life?....:haha:
Indeed. If I was hard up enough that I had to settle for "Dome" from a fat chick, I wouldn't be so proud as to make it my trademark.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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