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Here's an interesting article called "Dmitry Tursunov: A Man Without A Country".

The article is located at www.*******************/news_082703.html

The question is with Dmitry Tursunov being unhappy with both the United Staes Tennis Assocoation and the Russian Tennis Federation, why has the Russian Tennis Federation failed to invite Tursunov to be a Davis Cup practice player? Tursunov won't break into the American Davis Cup lineup anytime soon. But he could make the Russian Davis Cup team that certaininly lacks power players with Marat Safin being injured. Tursunov is not fully sold on the USTA. That's for sure. But he has a realtionship with the USTA's Jose Higueras. So the USTA has the upper hand at this point. And now is the time for the RTF to get back into the picture where Dmitry Tursunov is concerned.

And other than Marat Safin, Dmitry Tursunov has a bigger upside than all of the other male Russian tennis players. :D Anyone could see that by watching him play the other night. He is loaded with alot of firepower and a big upside.
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