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Here is Championships EL

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No real surprises:
5 Special Ranks, including Bad Sport Babs, Russian born Dash and Gasperyan with a new name, the Vanpire Jacs and oddly, clay loving grass hating SST - whiny would have thought would have used her 2nd SR it at the US)

3 (Amanda, Halep, AVU) not entered.

maybe Hsieh is looking for a WC?


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I reckon Monfils may get a WC

having said that - the Champs will be hard pressed not to award a heap of local WC’s this year- I can’t recall them awarding this many for 20/30 years
You’ve got to presume Jodes, The Face Katie, Hev, Swanners and Dart Will get one.
Given her high profile battles- Fran Jones is likely to be number 6.

Sonay and Yuriko would ordinarily get one but I think they’’ll miss out to Monfils and maybe someone who has a great run in Grass or RG

in previous years-a former top player or GS winner finalist like Pavs would get one - she won’t bc she is Russian
The Up and comers - like Andreev’s - would but they too are Russian

old Genie in a bottle may pull in the bikini and reminisce about her final and try and nab one too

ol Vera maybtry the same old trick but she ain’t ever been a swimsuit model - is Russian and 40 but pre Ukraine invasion and in years gone by, she could have been likely
Hsieh is another one who could have been awarded one but won’t this year given the GB glut of players between 100-200

Brogan and Silva - and use up tennis Australia only to switch to UK Bains- will likely be awardees qd wc, along with Sonners
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts