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First let's look to the points ....

Serena 6060
Kim 5796

First of all Kim will lose her 122 US-Open points this week because this will be her 18th tournament when she gains more points here

So we have

Serena 6060
Kim 5674

That's a gap of 386 pts

What has she to do to have more than 386 points

She has to win the tournament that's for sure but how about who she has to play to gain enough bonuspoints?

1. 220 pts by winning the tournament
2. 8 pts by beating Ruano Pascual in the 2ND Round
3. 23 pts by beating Shaughnessy in the 3RD Round *1
4. 35 pts by beating Sugiyama or Martinez in the Quarterfinal (VERY LIKELY !!!)
5. 43 pts (+7pts) by beating Rubin or Davenport in the Semifinal (VERY LIKELY !!!)
6. 66 pts by beating Henin-Hardenne in the Final

Total : 395 pts (+7 If it's Davenport)

*1 When Bartoli wins against Shaughnessy, Kim has to beat Davenport for the extra 7 points
When Shaughnessy wins, even when Dokic reach the semifinal, her 35 BP will do the trick

We could say that points 2 till 5 will be not the problem

So if Kim wins the tournament, she has to win that tournament after beating Henin-Hardenne in the final....

There are just 2 words for this: GOOOOOOOOO BELGIUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.: I'm not saying Kim is going to win this Tournament for sure or she will be the number one next week but I only wanted to show it's possible ;)

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