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Helpers in tournament hour of need
The deficit of the German Open 2003 is enormous, now, the DTB looks for somebody, that stands exactly for losses in future

Originally written in German by Frank Bachner

Source in German : Der Tagesspiegel
12 May 2003

Georg von Waldenfels didn't expect really much. Only taken exactly. miscellaneous long faces". the president of the German tennis association drove to the German Open to Berlin on the weekend. Presumably the DTB-Chef reckoned with that the weather still would become the most pleasant point of order there. But then greeted him no more beaming than Jan Hendrikx one, and that then was so significant as the association boss has found his missing favorite clock again. Because Hendrikx is the chairperson of the management of Mastercard, the title sponsor of the German Open. The contract of Mastercard runs out in this year; if he is not extended, presumably different covenantors also jump off. Because in 2003, all advertising contracts of the German-Open-Partner run out. Hendrikx therefore beamed, important however still for from Waldenfels, he said: . We have not yet decided about a contract extension, but we necessarily want that the tournament remains in Berlin. And Eurosport transmitted very well".

Eurosport, that is the keyword. The Spartensender was regarded for the absent ARD as smiled at stopgaps until now. But Eurosport reaches just as many spectators like the ARD in the target group of the 14 to 49-year old one(s), they measured this in this week. Furthermore, the internet address of the German Open was clicked on 50 million marks in 2003. That is ten marks so much as well as 2002. and this", Christian Pirzer, the boss of German-Open-Vermarkter IMG, says. the result of the Euro sport transfer is. There, the fans are approached, who are interested very much in tennis". Pirzer only talks about their TV presence to conjectural sponsors with Euro sport. Sendeminuten in the ARD are no more topic. Also go not at all, ARD or the new regional station RBB don't show any interest at the moment. Whether this changes, nobody knows.

It is sure not once that the tournament 2004 in Berlin takes place at all. Well, of Euro sport is increased the value as stations for sponsors, wonderful. But in the end, it doesn't depend alone on it. It depends on it, whether the German tennis association, the organizer, who gets guarantee, that hedoesn't have to pay, 2004 losses should be created. Because the DTB can come to terms with already the deficit of 2003 only with biggest difficulties. Because this deficit becomes cruel. From 250 000 Euro deficit had tournament director Eberhard Wensky orakelt in the winter. . However it becomes clearly higher, says from Waldenfels. 400 000 Euro loss would be no surprise. . The financial load 2003 does really sore", DTB-Finanzexperte Jan Kohne says. in .2004, we can simply afford" such a deficit no more as association.

Because the banks make pressure considerably for the DTB. You/they protected the association again from the bankruptcy recently. and if we cannot guarantee them, that the tournament has a perspective financially, we don't get any money", Kohne says. More clearly said: If the German Open 2004 should do loss again, somebody else would have to stuff the hole. The DTB doesn't can it. But he can name very exactly helpers in the need. The association thinks of the city Berlin, for example.Tt should stand in if necessary. Either in that she promises money directly through a type cancellation security or in that she arranges Berlin companies as new sponsors. And, of course, in that she the RBB and with it indirectly the ARD suggests, how important it is, that the station 2004 with cameras turns up. . If another Free-TV-Sender respectively national more regionally transfers beside Eurosport, we can write a black zero", Kohne says. Then, there were more advertising revenues. But without such a station, a deficit is programmed. The DTB-Chef indicates Berlin's sport Sportsenator could in his budget one little regroups. The time admittedly is pressing. He world women tennis association sets up the tournament calendar in the summer in 2004, until end of June, the German-Open-Vertr?ge therefore must be available. Until then, also Hendrikx must have decided. Maybe he was for a quite trivial reason of so good mood in the remainder. On Saturday evening, his wife had won with the German-Open-Tombola for the first time. a ring.
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