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I'm looking for all her matches,especially some epic
matches,such as 2000 USO won over Serena Williams and the time when she won her slams. :bounce:
Lindsayfan,I knew U for a long time.(Thought I don't
reply too much.) :) I really appreciate your help.I hope
U can trade some tapes with money. :worship:
I live in China,I don't have too much chances to
see her match. :sad: I promise when I get my chance,I
will share with U!
Excuse my English and thank U for your patience!

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you know there is a big problem with money cos we dont have the same money so u should change ur money into euro before and then send it to me.but it's illegal to send money by mail so it's quite difficult for you to do it.

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really? it's illegal to do that? i've done it several times and i've never had problems with it :eek:

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OK, try a guy called John Pooley. You can email him at the following email: [email protected]

In your email you need to request the list for Lindsay Davenport matches. I think that he does send orders over seas however, overseas payment has to be payed by "International Money Orders" or a bank draft made out in UK £'s (pounds) or send the cash equivalent in your own currency.

When he sends you the list of Lindsay matches, the above details will be written on the order form.

You can choose the matches you want to fit onto a 3 hour tape (£12 = about 156.671 CNY [China Yuan Renminbi]) or a 4 hour tape (£15 = about 195.852 CNY [China Yuan Renminbi]). Also, be aware that there may well be an extra charge for mailing to China. It could be anything up to £10 extra (about 130.567 CNY).

The prices I have given are only rough estimations, so don't be suprised if it is slightly more expensive.

Hope this helps you :)
-Rachel :wavey:
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