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Hi everyone,

I have been playing this entertaining tennis game now for a while on my iPad and got to the top of the ladder for Australia and in the top 25 Global. I enjoy it very much however I have started suspecting that while the game is advertised as a multiplayer experience I have been in reality playing mostly if not exclusively against bots.

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There are several reasons I suspect this, for example, a flawless net code, instant player matching, no rubber banding or ghosting, plus many more things. I'd like to present a case to Apple of false advertising and possibly alert the community of players as well however I'd like to gather some more evidence. Considering the game has costly in-app purchases to speed up progress and make your player stronger and a costly, monthly season pass system that would have no meaning if the game was only or mostly played against bots.

I have already questioned the developer directly but no answer was forthcoming, which is also very suspicious.

So I'd like to ask if you are playing the game or if you may know someone who plays it so that we can connect on this forum and check to see if we can actually play against each other.

The game is very sneaky about it in the sense that does not allow any player interaction beyond the matches, not even a simple system of in-game messaging, there is no friend list, no friendly matches so it's practically impossible (or at least extremely difficult) to play with a friend. In fact, in order to possibly play with a friend, given the way the game works, two friends should join a cue at the same time (given that the game only takes a second to draft two players), with a similar rank, and hope the system drafts them together for a match!

Thank you for going through this, looking forward to hearing from you :)
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