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Helena Sukova and Hana Mandlikova

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I'm trying to learn more about tennis history and I have a desire to expand my knowledge of the sport (maybe, I'll be as knowledgeable as eggy one day :angel::lol: ). Both of the aforementioned women played before I started watching tennis (though I'm sure Sukova played on 'till something like the mid-90's) but I always heard references and mentions to them by commentators during matches. I looked up some info on the net and they both seemingly had brief stints near the top of the to make a long story short, I'd like to know more about them. I'm sure they're completely unrelated players, it's just that I was interested in these two out of curiosity. What kind of games did they play and especially for Sukova, was she considered a future great in her teen years?

any info would be much appreciated :hatoff:
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Sukova later in her career would occasionally lose early... early on she always seemed to hold her seed or better.

My biggest memories of Mandlikova are the US Open... Of course when she won... and in route to that title she beat 5 top 20 players back to back to win the title. It was well deserved...

The other open I remember was late in her career when she showed up a bit out of shape and unprepared and got upset by Claudia Kohde Kilsch... Hana walked to the score board and proceed to bash it with her raquet.... SHE was fined of course! :) (there have been times in my tennis life... that I'd like to be right there with her ... bashing the crap out of the scoreboard)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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