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If anyone is thinking of buying a new HEAD thermobag, I would like to warn against what happened to me. I have already used bags from various manufacturers and have not encountered anything similar.

The product in question is the HEAD TOUR EXTREME 12R thermobag.

Coming back from tennis one day, I saw traces of blue paint on my shorts - as it turned out, the shorts should be thrown away, because the paint cannot be washed off. I thought I had inadvertently gotten dirty, but the problem repeated itself the next day, on completely different courts - this time the shirt had to be thrown away. The culprit turned out to be a part of my bag that was covered in some kind of rubber/rubber. The paint just melted and stays that way all the time, leaving marks on everything it comes into contact with. The bag was generally driven in the boot, and otherwise I used it as standard - 2/3 hours in the sun on the courts and that was it. I never came into contact with any heat source other than the sun.

After complaining to HEAD, the "experts" decided that the bag had come into contact with solvent (allegedly the bag bore the marks of some liquid spillage). Well, yes - after all, every normal tennis player carries solvent in their bag. If anything ever spilled in it, although I cannot recall such a situation, and I used the bag literally every day and took care of its condition, it was water at most. Besides, it's hard for me to imagine that this "solvent" would treat selectively the elements it floods, flooding some on one side, some on the other, leaving a huge field in the middle which is not flooded ;)

Below are photos to demonstrate the problem.
To sum up - I advise to be careful with all HEAD bags which have rubber-like coating, and unfortunately I see that most of these new bags have it. After trying to make an idiot out of me, I will not decide on this brand again.


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