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pav said:
I had this dream about Miss Tulyaganova about a year ago, I did stick it on then but it still makes Me shudder!

I had a dream last night,one of the best I've had yet
that the lovely Iroda invited Me for a hit at the net
She explained that it wouldn't be a tennis match as such
just some gentle hitting to keep Her in touch
I stammered a bit as I thanked Her for being invited
can't remember last when I've been so excited

We met up at the practice courts early next day
and the warm smile She gave Me just blew Me away
We came together,embraced,and as Our cheeks did caress
I noticed She wore a loose, low cut top to Her dress
as if I wasn't over excited enough already
after that view,I couldn't hold the damn racquet steady

When We did get around to hitting away
most of My shots were going astray
I mean You just Try to keep Your shots in the court
with Your eyes fixed on that dress,now slack and then taut
it was like a graceful white yacht in a southerly gale
as the wind gusts first fill out, then loosen the sail

While Iroda was being as gentle as can be
She was still making a big dick out of Me
so I tried not out of skill, but more in despair
a high short lob,way up in the air
with the sun in Her eyes She didn't see it come down
and it lodged in the front of that loose fitting gown
She must have breathed in,at the moment of contact with the ball
because it lodged so You could hardly see it at at all

Iroda called out "Oh Pav,can You come and help Me?
My bra only just holds these two,and there is no room for three!"
I jogged round the net, My hands already shaking
to see if I could fix this problem of my own making
She bent forward to show Me, said "It's lodged in there tight"
and My eyes near popped out at this wonderous sight
She told Me to hurry up and roll up My sleeve
as I'd hit the lob, I could do the retrieve

My right hand it shook,as i reached in between
the most warm wonderful cleavage, the worlds ever seen
but the ball had wedged firmly,made everything tight
My hand wouldn't push though those globes, even when I used all My might

Iroda said "Pav, It's no use, the balls gone too far
You will have to go round,and unclip My sports bra
then when the clip is undone,and gravity will cause everything to fall
there will be room then for You to see,and get out the ball!"
with trembling hands,I tried to undo that clip
out of sight behind Her I wiped saliva from My lip
the clip came apart,there was a great forward motion
similar to twin killer whales,set loose in the ocean

Iroda said" Come round,now everything's loose and it's free
come have a look and find that ball and get it out for Me"
just as I was heading for the best part of this dream
My Mother woke Me up, with Her usual earsplitting scream
as a young male full of testostarone, You must understand
I woke up sweating and pissed off,with it all in My hand!

As I had a hot shower, still upset and shaking
should I blame Iroda,or My Mother, for Her rude way of waking
but for the next three hours thoughts of the wonderous Iroda I will keep
as I have to ride behind, and look at the backsides of six hundred sheep!

:haha: Pav you Pervy Poet, you’re a fucking genius!! :worship:
You need to post one of these on Iroda’s guest-book, some day :p ;)
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