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MinnyGophers said:
i had a weird dream where Momo and Justine were playing the USOpen QF in one of my classroom ( i was the only one watching) with the chairs everywhere all over the "court". Then Justine hit a winner and it hit a chair and Momo was unable to hit it. I was like "Hey it hit the chair that's not fair". And then she looked at me and shrugged. Then they kept on playing, Momo was leading like 7-5 , 5-2 and I was like now is not the time to choke Momo. And then Justine started coming back and she hit that amazing slice that hit the floor at almost 360 degrees and both Momo and I were like "WOW".
And then suddenly I end up in Momo's living room, and I'm playing with her tiny puppy (WTF?) and suddenly it dies in my hand (WTFFFF?) I'm trying to hide it from Momo, but then she saw it. And then it suddenly "revived". And suddenly i end up in front of the TV, and Momo is playing the finals of the same USOpen vs Capriati. And then I woke up.
Weird huh :lol:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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