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have u been to a match when the crowd is against your fav???

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There is nothing worse when you feel like you are the only one cheering for your favourite!!

This year at the Australian Open when Mary Pierce played Jill Craybas in the first round, you could see when she was warming up that she just wasn't right, I got this sick feeling in my stomach.

When Mary kept tossing the ball up and letting it drop, OBVIOUSLY unable to stretch her stomach muscles to serve, the crowd started to boo her and make snide remarks because she was slowing everything down with the serves and taking long breaks.

One old lady behind me called mary a cry-baby AND hanged shit on her dress, I could have killed her lol, but most of them are such wankers they didn't understand her recent history with injuries, they just thought she was being a drama queen. :mad:

but i still luv mary lol :kiss: :hearts: :kiss: :hearts: :kiss: :hearts: :kiss: :hearts:
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no thanks god i never experienced this feeling :wavey:
I haven't really experienced the whole crowed being against my favorite, no. However, last year I went to the Acura Classic. A lot of players were against Hingis. Martina played against Lilia Osterloh. Since Lilia was the underdog, a lot of players were cheering for her and stuff. This one guy behind me kept yelling "Go Lilia." Hehe, so in response, I would say "Go Martina." Lol, after a while I was getting irritated, cuz he kept getting so loud. But, now that I think about it, it's pretty funny.

Also, when Martina and Anna were playing doubles. They played against Rita Grande/Alexandra Fusai. Again, a lot of people were rooting for Grande/Fusai, and when Martina and Anna would win a point, some people would groan. That kind of tickt me off a
When Martina Navratilova was playing doubles against Amanda and Lori and then against Rennae and Lisa, I got so many evil looks from people (i have to say they were above middle aged, dunno if was a coincidence) when i cheered for the non martina team.

totally made me cheer less. all this social control is bad. bleh.
I only have watched tennis on tv and once Steffi had to play against 10000 japanese people, I wasn`t there of course but otherwise I think I would have screamed just harder as these 10000 people together :cool:
I have been to a few, but probably the worst one was in Charleston last year during the quarterfinals doubles match between Lisa/Rennae and L. Huber/Montalvo. Rennae started arguing some line calls, and it turned pretty ugly. :eek: Most of the crowd turned completely against them, and Rennae and Lisa were really upset all match long. I guess it didn't help that they were losing, and Lisa's serve was totally off during the first two sets. I couldn't believe they were actually able to pull out that second set facing few match points and win the match in the third. :D The semifinal and the final were a lot better. :D
no i don't think i've been to a match where the crowd is against my fave...
When the crowd screams against my fav, I scream louder!!!!;)
I've unfortunately experienced it.:sad:
In the Oakland 1991 final with Martina Navratilova beating Monica Seles, the fans were clearly rooting for the 35 year old. I wanted both to win and it was such a thriller I cheered nonstop. there were no boos or anything, but you had to feel for Monica. She was 17 and we all felt the future was hers.
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