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Hey guys, was wondering if anyone has ever played a 5 set match in an actual tournament?

I have played 2 - in the last 2 school country champs in my area. Unfortunately I lost them both, but I was still the runner up both years from all the school in my district.

2001 - got beaten 2-6 6-4 6-4 4-6 6-4

I started so well, but then was just outplayed for 2 and a half sets. i was 2-4 down in the fourth but managed to come back and forced a decider, and i just ran out of steam

2002 - got beaten 6-2 6-2 5-7 1-6 6-4

This was even tougher as I was being outplayed totally the first 2 sets. My opponent, who was a good friend of mine, was playing brilliantly, and yet somehow, i fought and in the third set managed to find my way into the match. I started playing my best tennis and stormed through the fourth set, but then in the fifth, i lost my concentration and went 4-0 down. I managed to pull it back to 4-4 but then lost it 6-4. Ive never been more gutted in all my life!

ive only ever won three set matches, but my 2 final losses are certainly the most memorable.
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