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Hewlett Packard
Please Respond to PC Magazine Survey
From: Personal Systems Group Americas, Mike Larson
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2003 5:18 PM
Subject: Please Respond to PC Magazine Survey


PC Magazine is conducting its 16th Annual Readers' Survey of computer products and services, and we need your help to make sure HP is well represented. If you subscribe to PC Magazine and are invited to participate, please be sure to complete the survey.

Past surveys have been heavily weighted toward our competitors by the sheer volume of responses from their customers and their employees. This is your opportunity to help ensure that a current picture of HP products and services is included in the survey results, due out in August.

The fact of the matter is that our products and services have been getting better marks for customer satisfaction than are indicated by the PC magazine surveys, which tend to go back several years in capturing data and often don't reflect current conditions.

You can help make the survey results more accurate by participating, if asked, and sharing your honest opinions.

If you have questions, please contact Dan Busse.

Mike Larson
SVP & General Manager-PSG Americas

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ha! if they were REALLY smart they'd include customers of their child company as well...Brother's products...cheaper than the hp brand, it is purchased more by your average non-corporate user...yet they both have the same guts...they need the numbers so i don't know why they wouldn't include them.
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