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Qualifying Tie

Hungary vs Canada

Mandula vs Drake Never played
Savolt vs Dancevic NP

Australia (2) vs Qualifiers
Molik vs Mandula np Hewitt vs Savolt 1-0
Molik vs Drake Np Hewitt vs Dancevic Np

Belgium (3) vs Slovak Republic
Kim vs Hantuchova 4-0
Malisse vs Kucera 1-0

Russia (4) vs France
Myskina vs Mauresmo 1-4
Safin vs Santoro 1-7 :eek:

USA (1) vs Czech Republic
Williams vs Strycova Np
Blake vs Novak 1-3

Slovak Republic vs Qualifiers
Hantuchova vs Mandula 2-0 Kucera vs Savolt 0-1
Hantuchova vs Drake 1-0 Kucera vs Dancevic 0-0

Australia (2) vs Belgium (3)
Molik vs Kim 0-3
Hewitt vs Malisse 2-1

USA (1) vs France
Williams vs Mauresmo 7-1
Blake vs Santoro Np

Russia (4) vs Czech Republic
Myskina vs Strycova Np
Safin vs Novak 1-1

Australia (2) vs Slovak Republic
Molik vs Daniela 2-0
Hewitt vs Kucera 0-1

Belgium (3) vs Qualifiers
Kim vs Mandula 2-0 Malisse vs Savolt Np
Kim vs Drake 1-0 Malisse vs Dancevic Np

USA (1) vs Russia (4)
WIlliams vs Myskina 2-0
Blake vs Safin Np

France vs Czech Republic
Mauresmo vs Strycova Np
Santoro vs Novak 1-4

7,971 Posts
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Predictions :)

I'm not predicting the matches in group B with the qualifiers since we don't know who the qualifiers are yet :)

Hungary vs Canada

Mandula def Drake
Dancevic def Savolt
Hungary def Canda

Hungary 2-1

Belgium vs Slovak Republic
Kim def Daniela
Malisse def Kucera [Xavier finished the year well and I think he will get his ranking back up in 2004]
Belgium def Slovaks

Belgium 3-0

Russia vs France
Mauresmo def Myskina
Santoro def Safin - I'm going with the H2H :p
France def Russia

France 3-0 :eek: I predict an upset but then the French are good enough to have a seeding so.......

Williams def Strycova
Novak def Blake

USA 2-1

Australia vs Belgium
Kim def Molik
Hewitt def Malisse
Belgium def Australia

Belgium 2-1 - Yep I think Kim will win :p

USA vs France
WIlliams def Mauresmo
Santoro def Blake
France def USA: in a third set match tie break going to about 20 points :worship:

France def USA 2-1

Russia vs CZE
Myskina def Strcova
Novak def Safin
Russia def CZE - but if Novak plays well and Strycova serves well it could go the other way as Novak will be the best doubles player out there

Russia def CZE 2-1

Australia vs Slovak Republic
Daniela def Molik - yep Daniela will get her first win over Molik :)
Hewitt def Kucera
Australia def Slovak Republic

Australia 2-1

USA v Russia
Williams def Myskina
Safin def Blake
USA def Russia

USA 2-1

France vs CZE
Mauresmo def Strycova
Novak def Santoro
France def CZE

France 2-1

BTW I think all Australia, Belgium and the Slovaks should all beat whichever team quallifies.

So final France vs Belgium
I'm going for the upset in group A with the unseeded French coming through, I think Santoro's doubles could be key.

H2H's for Belgium vs France
Kim - Mauresmo 7-2
Malisse - Santoro 2-0

Kim def Mauresmo
Malisse def Santoro
France def Belgium
Belgium 2-1 - but just as easily could be France 2-1 if Santoro beats Malisse

What do you all think :)
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