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I'll start then someone guess my perfect mate and someone else answers the questions and another person guess theirs (just keep it going) My answers has stars by them. (mine wont be too hard to figure out lol)

1. Their height would be:

A. 5ft-5'4 ft
B. 5'5ft-5'9ft
C. 5'10ft-6'4ft ***

2. Their skin complextion would be

A. Light
B. Med (between light and dark)
C. Dark ***

3. Their body would be

A. Slim or Heavy
B. Average
C. Athletic ***

4. Their Hair would be

A. Long
B. Short ***
C. Medium

5. Their hair would also be

A. Curly ***
B. Coarse
C. Straight

6. Their hair would be

A. Black or Brown ***
B. Blonde
C. Red

7. Their eyes would be

A. Brown or Black ***
B. Red
C. Blue or Green

8. Their body would be

A. Very Smooth
B. Hairy
C. Semi Hairy ***

9. Their age would be

A. 18-21
B. 21-29 ***
C. 30 and up

10. My mate would mostly like listen to

A. Pop or Alternative Rock music
B. R&B soul or Country Music ***
C. Foreign or Other Music

11. My mate would mostly like be a

A. Christian ***
B. Atheist
C. Other

12. My mate would have an accent from

A. North or South America ***
B. Europe or Asia
C. Australia or Africa

:hearts: MY PERFECT MATE IS? ____________________________
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