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Guangzhou Draws and Results 2012 SEND NEW POINTS to Tangerine_Timea!!!

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Guangzhou International Women's Open
Guangzhou, China
International - Hard

Singles Main Draw
[1]Chantal Chan HKG vs. Qualifier 2
Berenika Wojnarowska POL vs. Aleesha Stosur AUS
[WC]Jane Wong HKG vs. Daria Afanasyeva FRA
Sabine Graf GER vs. [3]Kathleen Pryde-Degman HKG
[4]Mia Henriksson SWE vs. [WC]Ziyi Zianzhi CHN
Siri Cornetsson SWE vs. Vittoria Pérez ESP
Emilia Jarocka Pottinger CAN vs. Qualifier 1
Yanina Ma HKG vs. [2]Fleri Hingisafrilia AUS

Singles Qualifying Draw
[WC/1]Harper Johnson USA vs. Alizé Mathieu FRA
[2]Regla Torres ITA vs. Amelie Szczotka-Strozna POL

Doubles Entry Deadline: Tuesday at 08:00 AM CET.
Send hard court points to Tangerine_Timea in 48 hours of doubles draw being posted.
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Congrats doubles winners :yeah:

Berenika :bounce:

Berenika is Bacckckkkkk!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo: And she's ready to play Sofia :hysteric:
Congrats Berenika and Jane/Ziyi :)
Fleri getting pissed at Nthama? :hearts:
Love the drama.
Love you too, Fleri and you know. But you are getting old for tennis, aren't you? 36?
the older you are the wiser you are :p
Not if you lose your wisdom teeth :bigcry:
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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