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Sorry, I looked and couldn't find the other thread on anxiety that I began. I probably over looked it. OH well...

I have to come on here and vent again.

I went to the University's mental health facility for help on Friday. I met with this nice lady and we decided the best thing was to get an appointment with the Psychiatrist and then make a decision on if I wanted to do therapy. I was told I would be called with an appointment soon.

Well, come today I had waited enough and I called to get my appoinment. Turns out it had not been made yet. They put me on hold to talk to someone and came back and said I would need to see the therapist first. I complained because I was told psychiatrists first, then therapy at my discretion.

I tried explaining this but the lady said the psychiatrist is in high demand (only one on campus, ugh!) and they want me to do the therapist first.

I finally gave in, figuring the therapist would be quickly and then I could see the psychiatrist.

WELL! I can't even see a therapist until June 25th! Then, I wouldn't see the psychiatrists for another 2-4 weeks!

Isn't it a little more than rediculous to have to wait 2 months to get help? Don't they realize most people wait until they've nearly hit rock bottom before coming for help, and 2 months is asking for a LOT!

I don't know what to do now. I can't go to another Dr. here because I have no insurance in this state.

I will have to go back home and explain to my parents but I don't like telling them these things and for the most part they wont understand. They believe psychology is nothing but mumbo-jumbo and that you don't even need tylenol for a headache. Maybe, maybe tylenol is OK if your arm was just cut off, but only then.


I guess I will just have to hang in there for a while.

I'm so current, I'm tomorrow.
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You can call me... I'm a the rapist. ;)
But seriously if you ever need someone to vent to that isn't a professional and charges more, just ring me! :)

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Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear about what's going on. I've had anxiety attacks a few times, and they're no fun.
I will tell you that they will go away...each individual one won't last forever. The best thing for you to remember is that you are the one living your life...not your anxiety!

Please keep us updated...I hope you're able to get through this :kiss:
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