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Great Paris photos here of anna, venus, babsi, jelena and many more!

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Here is a great selction of Paris pics, please heed the copyrights before using for public use and also I am not putting any pics here as I know it can slow the site down a lot, so I will just give the link:
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Thanks for the link :) . There are some really good pics. Looks like the photographer took more pics of Anna K than of any other player.
Nice photos. There's one wonderful pic of Monica laughing after her first-round match.
Holy crow or cow or whatever! Them pictures be superb. Murderously stunning stuff... And I love how he meticulously lists the technical data of each photograph. Those eyebrows need to go, though!

Thanks for the link.
Fantastic pictures! Still :eek: at Daniela's legs...

Seems like the photographer likes Anna K a lot. :rolleyes: I agree with Iconoclast - ::shudder:: at his eyebrows.
There are some really great pictures! Thumbs up!

I really like one picture of Dechy, very expressive. And great detail of the back of Venus' outfit


Merci pour les superbes photos de Sidot:D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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