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Grandstand Court Closed For Tonight - Remaining Matches Moved

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Because a spectator spilled something on the court that cannot be removed, the grandstand court had to be closed and the remaining matches have to be moved to other courts. It is not know where those matches will be moved.
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WTF?? So many matches not played yet! I guess they gotta move some tomorrow too.
Right now, there was an ATP match in progress that had to be moved. Justine was to follow that match, but I don' know where she will play now. After her mtach, there was to be the Danieal/Chanda doubles match.
I would recommend some of the liquified Sodium Ketone Tetrafloride
how the hell could an expectator spill somethign on the court?
Fingon said:
how the hell could an expectator spill somethign on the court?
That's what I'd like to know.
That is weird.
OK, now they are saying some piece of machinery caused the sticky surface. Either way, no more play on the Grandstand court tonight.
Thanks a lot for the info :D
A court-dryer blew a gasket and leaked oil onto the court. They've tried water, sawdust, and now have use ****'N Span....but court will be unusable until Tomorrow.
Daniel said:
Thanks a lot for the info :D
You're welcome.
It looks like all the matches that were supposed to be on the Grandstand court will be moved to Court 10. If I find out anything different, I will let you know.
That's so f****ing stupid :mad: :fiery:

Well here's how the matches moved:
* Coria vs. Carra goes to court 10, after a finished men's doubles match
* Henin-Hardenne vs. Obata goes to court 13 (not liking the number :sad: ) after a men's doubles match in progress: score is 6/6 (1-2)
* Safina vs. Schaul goes to court 6 (can start each moment)

Look at the schedule at the US Open site for confirmation.
Thanks, lizchris. I was thinking that Justine has been rescheduled for tomorrow -- let us know!
what's with safina/schaul match? the schedule of play says court 6 11:00 am start but they are the only match scheduled their and it is on todays schedule of play not tomorrows. will they play tonight?
You're welcome.

But accoriding to Nemesis, Justine is being moved to Court 13 :eek:
Believe me, I am no Justine fan, but I think she should be on a court with a camera, which would be Court 10 or Court 11, considering she is the number two women's player at the tournament.
Justine should play on 7, match there is just over
According to the Schecule of Play (Sunday's schedule probably won't be available until later tonight), Justine and Dinara's court assignment are TBA.
Justine will replace the Navratilova double match on Ashe me think
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