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Right, so winning the grand slam means winning all 4 singles slams in a year (most say a calender year, but holding all 4 at the same time, in a sport with no off season, is pretty much equivalent IMHO)

You can also win a slam in doubles... and in mixed

so I'm calling it a GRANDER slam when a player holds all 4 singles events AND all 4 doubles events at the same time .....

U get the picture?

Therefore, the GRANDEST slam is when a player holds all 3 slam titles (singles, doubles and mixed) at all 4 slam events......

I doubt that this has been done, but who has come closest?

I know that martina navratilova held all 4 singles and all 4 doubles slams at the same time, the "grander slam". Does anyone know if court or BJK did this?

Navratilova never had the opportunity to play aus open mixed iin the main part of her career as the event wasnt part of the tournament for years. but in 1985 she played 11 slams, won 7 and got to the final of the other 4. Pretty good. Did Court and BJK better that? anyone know?
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