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[Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010 - Congratulations Grönefeld!

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As the first event ever in the Top Spin 3 Tour, it is fitting that it is one of the biggest. The Australian Open is one quarter of the Grand Slam, and awards the most points for an event. The entry/committment list will be open for a week, the deadline for entering is the 24th January and the draw will be released after and the play will begin.

The seeding for this tournament will be based on the Pre-Season Dubai Princess Cup Exhibition :D So gear up for the first Slam of the year :armed:


All matches are to be played on Rod Laver Arena, Plexicushion Hardcourts.


Round of 16: 150 pts
Quarter Final: 250 pts
Semi Final: 350 pts
Final: 450 pts
Champion: 750 pts

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Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

Venus Williams will play this event! I finally got this darn game down.
dang, im in the process of making a Venus and using her for the tournament.

Anna Chakvetadze is in for the Aussie Open.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

OMG!!!! :eek:

I'm scared :scared:
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

^^Hope so, still trying to get my player ready.^^
Gonna play Indian Wells??

I'm ready. Let's go :armed:
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

How come I'm not in the draw?? :confused: Well, i didnt want to play Aussie anyway. school semester started and i need to be extra focused.

but meanwhile, i may make Melanie Oudin???:hearts:
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

thats weird. maybe they changed things. When i first did my xbox live account, i had to have a parental account to approve usage of xbox live because i wasnt of age (18+). The parent had to provide their email through the set so that basically you can use Live. I've never had to wait 48 hours. I've since then promoted my account.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

Is J.Williams a real player? Or do we have two Serena's now?

If so there should be a rule that when you create players they should be actually good at playing tennis :p Because I'm not going to play a Brie with a stat overall of 70 for instance ;)
how do u come up with that rule from the J Williams situation??? and besides the tour would be less interesting. you know Brie would be ranked in the 500s somewhere and its not even that many ppl on the tour yet :lol:
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

So which custom players should have the 70 overall? I know I'm making my Oudin to have a 70 overall but the attributes are taken in perspective so for example, she wouldn't have a 90 for power, but possibly around that much for speed. She doesn't have a 75 service, but i'm thinking more around 50-55. I know when I made my Venus, it was hard for me to even think of how my attributes would be set, I personally think she's more than just a 70 overall, she certainly wouldn't be under 70 either but there are limits.

So i guess i'm saying people should take full advantage of the 70 overall but magnify it(if you have player of Brie Whitehead status) proportionally and correctly. What fun would it be for someone who had made a custom Brie that lose in the first round of each tourney:confused:

Well i take that back, Brie just can't be a 70. sorry. lol. I can't fight this using her for an example :lol:

Another Rule: No player of Brie Whitehead status.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

I thought J. Williams was some 10k player :lol:

I was just thinking there is no way I'm playing a match against someone with 70 overall who wouldn't even make the main draw of any WTA tournament.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

seemed like a fun match.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

if it's saved on another profile, you have to play with that character through that profile. Right?

I'll try it out later.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

How's everyone's matches going? I want to see some scores.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

oh wow. sorry. i was absolutely crushed when that happened to me lol.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

two withdrawls and i didn't even participate in the tourney!!!

wow 6-4 6-7 7-6! Good job to the both of you.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

Yes, congratulations once again for earning your way to another final.
Re: [Grand Slam] Australian Open 2010

Wow another tight score. Great result for a final. Good job to both of you.
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