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alfajeffster said:
I think it's possible- not a given, mind you, but possible that had Seles not been stabbed, she would have gone on to dominate at the French for a few years- until she grew up into her body and became a slower player. Clay is the last surface a slower player can win on- the rest require much more quickness.

That said- it is also entirely possible that Graf would have won the French in 95 and 96 anyway. It's not like she never beat Seles on clay, and their matches were so close, there's really no telling.

One thing's for sure- Serena Williams will never equal either of their records on clay. She's just not a natural on the stuff, and the competition just got tougher recently.
oh she could have 10 french opens(monica I mean) sure, but I still would refuse to believe it. I know what I saw in the matches they played (so not fictive matches);)
81 - 82 of 82 Posts
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