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Good sportsmanship I think!

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I was reading the article on the wta's site called, "Getting to know Elena Dementieva." I was just reading through some of the questions they were asking her and some were about her celebration for her tournament wins. She did say that after the Bali win she, her mother, Chanda, and Benny Sims all went out to eat. She also talks about Benny trying to teach her how to salsa. I just think it's great to know that 2 players that have just played a final (with one getting slaughtered) can enjoy eachothers company as much as it sounds like they did that night. I wish all the players could be like that.
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wongqks said:
why can men do it when they can be competitive and go out together when women cannot? :confused:
cos women are bitchy and alot of jealousy occurs. men aren't like that.
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