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I think it's an awful idea.

Yes, the tournament got the final ruined, it's not the first, and it won't be the last, that's part of the risk.

You can't change the rules just because the tournament organizers feel their show was ruined.

What happens then when a final is rained out? like Scottsdale in 2000, then you don't have a match, the situation is exactly the same, if a player lost in the semis, she lost period, you can't add uncertainty on the draw.

What if the injured player decides to step on the court, play 1 point and retire? huh?, then the rule doesn't apply but the injured player gets finalist points and the winner gets all the quality points.

What if both players are injured?, then we will have a final between the losers.

The event is important, but you can't set up all the rules just for that, there is a championship, a ranking, and clear rules.

Another thing, there are two semifinalist that lost, why would you favour the one that played the injured player?, she has nothing to do with that and only you would have a sort of lucky loser in the final.
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