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Good Or Bad Idea?

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The Dokic default makes Business Day's news.

Organisers call for changes after Dokic pulls out of Paris

PARIS The cancellation of the singles and doubles finals at the 585000 Paris WTA event yesterday has led to calls for the rules on injury forfeits to be changed.
Yugoslavia's Jelena Dokic was forced to pull out of the eagerly awaited singles final against Wimbledon and US Open champion Venus Williams just two hours before she was due to go on court.

The No4 seed was suffering from a right thigh injury she picked up in her three-set semifinal win against Monica Seles on Saturday.

The situation worsened steadily for organisers yesterday as the doubles final was also cancelled as one of the players, Elena Dementieva of Russia, withdrew suffering from bronchitis and a fever. "Perhaps it is time for the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) to review their rules," said Patrick Prosiy, hard-pressed organiser of the Paris tournament.

"In the case of injury to one of the finalists, perhaps the semifinalist defeated by that player can be authorised to take her place. The cancellation of both finals completely ruined the event as a spectacle."

This is thought to be the first time in the history of the women's tour that both finals in an indoor event have been called off on the same day. Dokic aggravated the injury when she returned to court later on Saturday to play in the semifinals of the doubles. Sapa-AFP.

Feb 11 2002 12:00:00:000AM Business Day 1st Edition

11 February 2002
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I've actually proposed similar ideas to the tour several times. If a player can't go, let the person she beat in the prior round replace her. The incentive being that if the replacement wins, they would split the extra ranking points gained.

Why reward the withdrawing player with points? If someone is hurting that badly, it's better for all that they pull out. Better for the player (to heal), and better for the fans, as they get to see a healthy (or, at least, healthier) player compete. Without giving the potential of some points to the injured player, they might come out and just play one game, then quit. That's not really any better.

And she would only get points if her replacement wins.

But what's to stop a reasonably healthy player from feigning injury to avoid a player they feel they can't beat, and sending in the substitute, who they think would have a better chance? Nothing. But, if a player really has the attitude that she has no chance, then it's better if someone who feels they do plays the match.

Other incentives could be added to make it workable. A payment out of an "injury fund" to the replacement, a few extra bonus ranking points to the player who would have won by default under the old rules, etc. This contingency would only be necessary in the later rounds (say from the quarters on). It would benefit the tour and tournaments with TV contracts, etc. if they could be guaranteed that every tournament would have matches the whole way through; and matches that count for the rankings.
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