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Going to WTA CHampionships in Istanbul to see Serena

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I seriously want to go but I have never been there. Can someone give me any good tips about closest hotels / public transport, etc? It seems I will have to go on my own so all help will be very much appreciated.
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Have fun my friend and may ur presence bring her luck.

It sucks that the Championships didn't work out in Los Angekes, unfortunately the LA crowd was more interested in Serena than they were tennis- but who could blame them. I went ever year and my first time I had to be in attendance when Maria beat Serena in the final- the air was sucked out of the arena as almost everyone there was rooting for Rena.

Fortunately I do have good memories too, like when she battled Capriati in an epic SF showdown.

We want first hand reports and lots of pics! ;)
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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