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Go Russia Davis Cup Cheering Thread

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Since the Davis Cup 1st round will be coming soon in early Feb, time for this thread to begin since I think this year is IT for Russia.

Just went in to the official website and turned out that the site has been totally revamped and is better and more informative than ever!

I remember talking about why did the team choose clay against Switzerland and the article below answered my questionand many other unspoken ones in my mind. ;)

Kafelnilkov Chooses Surface

One phone call between the Russian Tennis Federation and Yevgeny Kafelnikov was enough. When it comes to choosing a venue and a surface for a home Davis Cup tie, Russian officials are quite content to turn to one man and let him call the shots. Kafelnikov, having led Russia to two Davis Cup finals since he burst onto the scene in the mid-1990s, has earned that right and he does not flinch from the responsibility.

"We will play on clay at the Olympic Stadium in Moscow," said Kafelnikov, referring to the first round World Group Davis Cup by BNP Paribas tie against Switzerland in the second week of February 2002. "I think that surface will give us the best chance of success against the top Swiss player Roger Federer. I did not have a chance to talk to Marat (Safin) about it but I am sure the federation called him and I know that he would be happy with this surface, too."

Kafelnikov dismissed the opportunity of playing the tie in his home town of Sochi, a Black Sea resort often visited by one of Russia's biggest tennis enthusiasts, ex-president Boris Yeltsin, on the grounds that there was no suitable stadium. "We do not have a facility in Sochi to host an indoor tie of this importance just yet," said Kafelnikov. "But don't bet against there being one in the future."

The Russian No 1 is so keen for his country to do well in the Davis Cup next year that he is changing his playing schedule to give himself the maximum amount of time to prepare on the clay. "Normally I would play an indoor European event like Milan straight after the Australian Open," said the tour's workhorse who, once again, finished the year just ending as the player who played the most matches throughout 2001.

"Knowing how long I take to adapt to clay, I need to get back to Moscow as soon as possible after Melbourne and start practising. Normally it takes me two weeks to feel absolutely right on clay so I just hope I have enough time, because I am paying Davis Cup a great deal of attention next year. I think Marat and I have a great chance of doing really well but every match will be tough and we have to be prepared."

Ironically, Kafelnikov has just bought a house near Basel and is qualifying for Swiss residence. He hopes that ruining Switzerland's chances of enjoying a good Davis Cup run will not delay the process!

Go Russia! :angel:
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Yeah, I won`t miss a single game of this event! Go, team Russia! Bring the Cup in Moscow.
neither will I! Go Russia :bounce:, I really like Federer though.
Thanks for that story, Bubble. Man, you are everywhere. Aren't you?

I would have preferred a fast indoor surface to play on. Kafelnikov doesn't play well on clay courts anymore. He doesn't have the patience. And the clay court will reduce the effectiveness on Marat Safin's fine first serve. Anyway, Udachi Russia!
Go Team Russia :)

and with the AUS OPEN champ and Olympic Champ we will be unbeatable.
Kafelnikov arrives in Moscow tomorrow, Safin right after AO. So, they will have enough time to practice on clay.
You are welcome, Cat ;)

Actually quite a shrewd move to play on clay. Federer will less time to practice on it cos he will be defending his title at Milan next week which is played on indoor carpet.

Safin's move to Switzerland recently may have some linkage to the Davis Cup too... ;)
Unfortunately I will have to miss all the games :(:(:(, but I rely on you, my friends, for the best reports :):):)

Go Team Russia! Zhenya, Marat, Michail and Andrey!
Wish i can see it as well but they're gonna show ARG v AUS here on satellite and GBR v SWE on BBC

I'm sure Safin and Zhenya will be far too much for the Swiss.

expecting a 4-1 win.
who do you think will win- Australia or Argentina?
Argentina will win... Canas & Chela will be too strong on clay for Wayne & Draper.

btw, look at Yevgeny & Marat below. .. they looked like lacking of sleep last nite..... :rolleyes:

Go Russia! :bounce:
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that guy who's sitting in the 2nd row behind Kafelnikov is from my club!!! :D . His name is Vladimir Melnikov.
That's so cool, Nina.... :)
Is he an up-coming player?
Well, there are two juniors playing there with Kafelnikov and Safin- Melnikov and Demehin (From Spartak, i think) and Cherkasov is with them as well as a coach, so if Melnikov got picked then I guess he's pretty good ;). He's ranked high in Russia but he doesn't play many challenger and satellite events, I guess he just doesn't have the ranking to, but he's good, also a quite strong doubles player.
the club is called Belokamennaya(Áåëîêàìåííàÿ), the coach is Kamelzon. Do you know it fresh?
Not many people play there and we have only one court but a very good one, and not many people know about it as it's situated in a place where you wouldn't expect a tennis court to be. during summer we play in Luzhniki. Well there are three coaches- Vladimir kamelzon, his wife Natalia Rozhkova and a young coach Mikhail Faingersh. kamelzon coached Panova, Eleseenko, Kroshina. there were a few articles in tennis+ by him last year...:cool:
there were a few articles in tennis+ by him last year..
Well, well, and I wondered, why does his name sound so familiar :).
Congrats to the boys for winning the crucial doubles. :)

All the best for tomorrow!

Is Zhenya going to play 1st?

Go Russia!
yes, Kafelnikov- Federer are first on court at 13.00 Russian time(15.00 cet)
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