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Girls Singles Final

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Kirsten Flipkens(4) 3*
Michaela Kraijcek(2) 3
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Kirsten Flipkens(4) 4
Michaela Kraijcek(2) 3*
go Kirsten go !!!!!!!!

score updates also on junior section ;)
Kirsten FLIPKENS(4)* leads Michaela KRAIJCEK(2) 5-3
Good luck to both!:bounce:
c'mon michaela!!!!!
Come on Kirsten!!!
kirsten win again
6-3 7-5
congrats, kirsten! :kiss:
Michaela :sad: :sad: :sad: Poor girl but good tournament!!

Congratulations Kirsten :)
What part of Belgium is Kirsten from?
Check the "Belgian Babes Band" forum! There is a thread dedicated to Kirsten in there, with heaps of pics! :D
Congratulations Kirsten!
US Open Champ!

No. 4 seed Kirsten Flipkens (BEL) defeated Michaela Krajicek (NED)
to become the 2003 US Open Girls' Singles Champion.
Photo by Scott Olivenbaum/

more on Kirsten :
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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